Why Invest in Berlin?

Investing in real estate in Berlin offers several financial advantages. With high occupancy rates and a low cost of living, Berlin is affordable, appealing, and steadily appreciating. Now is the ideal time to profit from Berlin’s position in Germany's stable and secure market.

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The Promise of Berlin

Berlin is a very affordable as well as promising real estate market with plenty of room for growth. When compared to other German cities, like Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Munich, Berlin offers several advantages. These include attractive entry level prices such the affordable cost per square meter, and a high rate of capital appreciation, which is currently around 13%. Berlin also enjoys a high rate of annual rental appreciation.

Always in Demand

The success and regeneration enjoyed by Berlin over the last ten years continues, evident in the city's occupancy rate, which currently stands at an impressive 98%. Demand is far outstripping supply, meaning that apartments are always highly sought after. In the rare case one ever becomes unoccupied, it is unlikely to be so for long.

Affordable Living

When compared to other major cities in both Europe and Germany, the cost of living in Berlin in remarkably inexpensive, with Berliners spending significant less per month on rent than their national and international neighbours.

A Wealth of Opportunities

Among other advantages, Berlin enjoys a high market turnover of around 10 billion euros per year, on par with Paris and ahead of Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Munich. This turnover means Berlin is a highly liquid market, with plenty of opportunities for investors to take advantage of.

Secure Investment in Germany

Germany, a historical powerhouse of industry and manufacturing, offers a strong, stable economy in which to invest. Several advantages make it particularly attractive for real estate investment. These include low interest rates, easy access to capital, as well as a record of stable returns, and favourable conditions for long-term investments.

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