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Berlin’s reputation has changed over time, but these days it is defiantly leading the way on its own terms. The word on the street is that it is more relaxed in Berlin than in hectic London, the dress code is different than in chic Paris, and that the city is just not quite as perfect as the immaculate Munich. Yet all this adds to the charm of the German metropolis - and this is particularly evident in the continuing influx, with people from all over the world flocking to one of the world’s most exciting cities. Despite all this, life in Berlin is freer than elsewhere, and the city definitely feels like the place to be.

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Easy Living in the City

Berlin offers an incredibly high quality of life. For a city of its size, it is remarkably uncongested, and is supported by widespread and reliable infrastructure. It also enjoys an abundance of green, open spaces; from the iconic Tempelhofer Feld, to local, community parks, there is plenty of space to relax and enjoy. Additionally, idyllic waterside locations, whether they be by the Spree or one of the many lakes dotted around the city’s outskirt, means a place for leisure is never far away.

Cultural Hub of Germany

Berlin boasts a world class selection of unrivalled cultural attractions. At the heart of the city, close to Alexanderplatz, is the UNESCO World Heritage Site Museum Island, featuring no less than 5 internationally-renowned museums. However, by no means are the city’s cultural offerings only to be found here; the Berlin Philharmonic, the Brandenburg Gate, the Hamburger Bahnhof, the Berlinische Gallery, the palaces of Potsdam, and much more are all within easy reach.

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