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Modern villas for sale: sophisticated and luxurious living

For many people the villa is the epitome of the dream house. Properties of this type have plenty of space, high-quality furnishings, and a spacious garden . As a result, villas, otherwise known as mansions, create a level of living comfort like hardly any other type of property. If you want to buy a mansion, you will of course have to invest more money - but in return will you acquire a property that will increase in value significantly in the medium to long term. Regardless of whether you want to purchase a city villa or an old town villa: With a property of this type, you increase the quality of living and life in the long term.

What is a villa?

A villa has plenty of space. The exclusive luxury estates are large and stand freely on a spacious plot of land. Their façade is often reminiscent of the classic manor houses and estates from earlier times. The interior offers a lot of living space and generously proportioned, light-flooded rooms with high ceilings. In addition, there is a large garden outside. The villa's furnishings are usually characterised by a high level of luxury. Up to twenty rooms or more are conceivable here, and it also features stylish floor coverings as well as bathrooms and kitchens that meet an exclusive standard. Elaborate interior decor, a classic façade, as well as large balconies often determine the extravagant appearance of the mansion. A fountain or pond in the garden as well as a pool can also characterise the sophisticated ambience. A typical representative is the old city villa, which is located in the upscale districts, usually called villa districts. Other forms include the villa by the lake, the Art Nouveau villa and the country house or country estate.

Pros and cons of mansions

Those who want to buy a modern villa have to budget a higher amount of money, not only for the purchase but also for the maintenance of the property. Therefore, it makes sense to carefully weigh the pros and cons of buying a mansion. The advantages include the large plot of land with a spacious garden. This creates a place of peace and a private oasis for the villa residents. The detached house also contributes to privacy. The large living area provides all residents with sufficient free space, and a special ambience is achieved by the high rooms with mostly excellent light conditions. The exclusive furnishings also make for comfortable living. However, all these advantages also have negative aspects. For example, the large amount of space, both outside and inside, requires an enormous amount of maintenance, which can usually only be managed with additional service staff. Villas are also expensive to maintain, because the numerous areas with high ceilings have to be heated accordingly. Especially in winter, this can drive up the financial outlay. Older mansions are not necessarily very energy-efficient.

Does a villa suit me?

Whether a mansion suits you depends on various aspects, some of them of a purely practical nature - for example, whether the financial means are available. Not only the purchase but also the maintenance of a villa is expensive, which is why this form of housing is only an option if sufficient capital is available. In addition, potential mansion buyers should be aware that they are purchasing a property with a lot of space. This creates privacy, but also often prevents closer contact with the immediate surroundings. The abundance of space inside and outside the home also requires a certain enthusiasm for taking care of interior design and decoration. However, for those who like to be creative with regard to interior design, the villa is a property that meets these needs more optimally than any other property.

Property market development

More and more people are acquiring a taste for luxury and deciding to buy a mansion. The classic old villa in the fashionable villa district on the outskirts of the city also continues to experience high demand among property buyers. In recent years, luxury real estate has experienced a real upswing. This is especially true for metropolitan regions such as Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne or Frankfurt, but you can also find country mansions in rural areas, for example. On the other hand, there is a limited supply, as a rather smaller number of villas are available on the market each year. Those who decide to purchase an old or modern villa usually keep it for life and often bequeath it to their descendants. This has ensured high price growth. Forecasts, however, predict that prices in the luxury segment will fluctuate again in the future due to various factors such as the Corona pandemic.

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