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Penthouse apartments offer the most exclusive living space with panoramic views over the rooftops of the city. Living in a penthouse, you have an entire floor to yourself as well as a spacious, sunny rooftop terrace. This is what makes it one of the most sought-after forms of living in the city. So what exactly is a penthouse? The term describes a free-standing property on the roof of a multi-storey building. A penthouse mostly extends over the entire upper floor, and is sometimes also called an attic apartment. As a rule, this type of apartment is mostly found in central neighbourhoods of large cities. If you are looking to buy a penthouse apartment, you're chances of finding your dream property are high if you look in Berlin. Many of the common designs have a roof terrace that runs around the building, giving residents an unobstructed view over the entire city.

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Origin and development

The first penthouse flats emerged at the beginning of the 20th century. They developed simultaneously with the spread of electronic elevators, which provided easy access to the upper floors of multi-storey buildings. As a result, exclusive residential floors were established. The predecessor of the penthouse flat was the attic floor, a final upper storey located above the eaves and often lower and with smaller windows than the lower storeys in the building. In the 1940s and 1950s, penthouses were exclusively furnished and usually had their own lift. Today, modern penthouses are available in different variants. An apartment building with a penthouse is no longer a rarity.

Why not a penthouse?

Penthouse apartments provides city-dwellers with a particularly stylish way of living. Properties of this type create a dreamlike view due to their unique location high above the city's rooftops. A penthouse flat with a roof terrace allows for cosy evenings under the open sky. Here, the air quality is also better up high than down below, especially with increasing traffic. Penthouse residents can create a roof garden and have a generous living space where they can freely and individually implement their ideas about interior design. For business executives, the penthouse flat also creates the right ambience for holding meetings in a stylish atmosphere.

However, this exclusivity naturally goes hand in hand with increased financial expenditure. A penthouse usually requires higher maintenance costs, especially when it comes to heating the space. Penthouse flats are also more expensive to purchase than other types of housing, regardless of whether you want to buy the penthouse as a home or prefer to rent it. In addition, it can be a challenge to use the large area efficiently. However, if you are aware of these aspects and take them into account when planning, you will acquire a worthwhile property that promises a high level of living comfort.

Luxury penthouses in Berlin

The German capital Berlin offers many opportunities for investors and homeowners alike to buy a luxury penthouse. These high-end properties are in an desirable and central location, have a fantastic view and are exclusively furnished. Above all, luxury properties in Berlin-Mitte offer a high level of comfort and create a high quality of life. If you would like to buy a penthouse flat in Berlin, you will find a wide range of attractive properties that will impress you with their excellent location as well as their furnishings and generous space.

Views from the top

Regardless of whether you buy or rent a penthouse, you will have to reckon with higher expenses and calculate the costs well. You also need to think carefully about how you can and want to use the available space efficiently, because functionality is not always the main priority in a penthouse. Instead, it offers unique opportunities to be creative and to tailor the furnishings exactly to your individual needs.

With so much space, there are hardly any limits on what you can do. Since a penthouse apartment usually has very good lighting, you can also make the most of the available brightness and thus reduce energy costs for lighting. The penthouse is particularly unique because of its roof terrace - few other types of apartments have such extensive outdoor space. In addition, you usually do not have to share your floor with neighbours and thus have all the advantages of a detached house in the middle of the big city.

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