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Is it better to buy a newly constructed or an existing home?

Sustainable materials, modern designs, lower energy costs: A new house or apartment is the perfect chance for you to quite literally construct the home of your dreams. Many people like to find new build homes in their property searches and filter out ones that are already occupied. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, a newly constructed home by definition will not have yet been lived in. Therefore, some people like the idea of moving into a property that is completely their own, one in which no previous owner has made their mark.

At ZIEGERT, we offer the same forward-looking digital approach to seeking new homes to buy in Berlin as we do older properties. Search, filter and review the new houses and apartments we have on offer. If you find something you like, ask us to book a viewing or arrange financing as you see fit. Read on to find out more about this attractive property type and why there could be one for sale right now that would completely suit you.

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What is a new home?

The definition of a new home is an apartment, condominium or house that has never been lived in before. As such, a property that has been converted from another use into a home could feasibly count. That being said, most people would agree that the principal definition of a newly constructed home is one that has been built by a property developer and has just been placed onto the market ready for its first owner-occupier.

Typically, German developers will build multiple homes on a site they have acquired for development. However, there are also smaller-scale developments where just one or two properties might have been constructed. Either way, the external structure of the building will have been put together to meet the relevant German construction codes for the type of property concerned. Furthermore, utility connections for water, electricity, sewers and so on should all be in place. What may not have been finished – depending on the development – however, is the internal decoration.

This means that the interior décor may be something of a blank canvas, something that some buyers are looking for. Some modern new build homes will be decorated from top to bottom with chic wooden flooring, tiled walls and fitted kitchens already in place. This means they'll be ready to move into without further delay, of course. In Berlin, you can find affordable new build homes in either state. Consequently, it is worth enquiring about the interior design for new build homes that are still in their construction phase. Some developers will offer you a degree of choice with the interior décor and fit your preferred tiles, carpet colour or bathroom suite so long as they don't exceed their budget limits.

Advantages of new homes

There are numerous benefits associated with purchasing new homes in Berlin. To begin with, there is a great deal of choice among the various properties on offer in and around the city. If you are looking for a newly constructed apartment close to the city centre or a Stadtbahn - city railway station – then you are likely to find what you are after. Equally, if you'd prefer a detached home with a garden that completely encircles the house in suburbs like Staaken, Wittenau or Müggelheim, then the chances are that something will be available to your liking. Whether you want a one-bedroom property or something much larger, newly constructed homes in the city cater to all sorts of lifestyles, preferences and family needs.

There again, modern new build homes also offer the benefit of being built to a high standard in terms of energy consumption. Modern German homes are very well insulated. Although not all of the most recently built homes in Berlin may attain the very high standards associated with Passivhaus construction, they will typically stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This means that heating and cooling new homes in the capital shouldn't be very costly, something that is good for owners' bank balances and carbon footprints in equal measure.

Another plus point associated with new houses and apartments is that they are usually sold with a warranty from the developer. If you purchase a home that has already been lived in either by tenants or the owner, then you will have to take on the responsibility for maintaining it. Although basic maintenance remains the responsibility of the owner with new build homes, too, anything structural would usually be covered under the warranty. This would typically cover things like faulty electrical installations, subsidence, problems with the roof or draughty windows, for example. Of course, buyers of any new property in Germany – or anywhere else for that matter – should check the specific things that their warranty will cover and, even more importantly, what it will not.

There is also a great deal of certainty that comes with choosing to buy a new apartment or house. As previously mentioned, it could be less costly to buy a home that hasn't previously been occupied with very little to do after you move in if it has also been decorated to your liking. In addition, buying from an owner-occupier could mean having to wait a considerable amount of time before being able to move. Your seller might pull out or if they take their time finding somewhere new to live, then your buyer might decide to look elsewhere. Either way, house moving chains frequently break down when there are delays. With newly constructed homes, this is rarely the case because the moving day schedule can be worked out much more easily.

Possibilities of use

With a brand-new apartment, you know exactly what you’re getting, particularly if you’re buying off-plan. Most new-build developments have a variety of options for homebuyers, designed to meet the needs of modern living. You may even have a say in the floor plan or the layout and design of the rooms. No unpleasant surprises, no disappointments. Just your new dream home.

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