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The term maisonette can be found again and again in apartment advertisements. The word comes from French and means something like "little house". This term is quite aptly chosen, because a maisonette actually often gives the impression of being in a small-scale house. A maisonette can also be called a duplex apartment. Apartments of this type extend over two or more floors and have more space than other types of apartments. If you dream of owning your own home, but still don't want to do without living in the city, the maisonette apartment is an alternative.

Maisonette Apartments


Spacious living under the sky

Maisonettes are mainly found in Altbaus. They are located on the top floor and have two or more floors that are connected by a staircase. Apartments of this type of construction are usually designed according to a similar pattern. A large room, usually the living room, functions as the central element. The stairs that lead to the next floor are either in the center of the room or in the corner of the room. The generous distribution of the rooms in the maisonette often gives the impression of living in a home. If you want to buy a maisonette, you can look forward to an extraordinary ambienceand look forward to more flexibility, which is generated by the additional floor. There are usually no limits to the imagination when it comes to dividing up the areas. It is not uncommon for maisonettes to have several bathrooms.

Pros and cons of maisonettes

When you buy a duplex apartment, you benefit from a number of advantages, because this type of apartment makes it possible to realize the dream of having your own house in the middle of the city. The several interconnected floors create a spacious and homely atmosphere. Those who like to be creative when it comes to furnishing their homes also have a wide range of opportunities to implement their own ideas in the large living and dining area. The separate room on the upper floor can be used in many ways, for example as a study. The many windows that are often present let a lot of light into the apartment and thus ensure a bright, appealing ambience. In addition, maisonettes are mostly located in districts close to the city center with excellent infrastructure. However, these advantages are offset by some disadvantages. Even if it gives the impression of a home, the maisonette apartment cannot be compared in all respects to a detached house. There is no garden, and in terms of purchase and maintenance, the residential units are a bit more expensive than other types of living. The high ceilings increase energy costs, and in addition, apartments of this type are usually not barrier-free due to the built-in stairs.

Is a maisonette right for me?

The large living area offers many possibilities, but creates only limited opportunities for retreat, as the maisonette apartment is characterized by its open construction. This can create potential for disruption, especially in families with children or in shared flats. However, if you prefer open living spaces and feel comfortable in large rooms, the maisonette is the right decision. This type of apartment is therefore particularly popular with singles and young, childless couples. People who regularly work at home and want to set up their own work area for this also benefit from buying a duplex apartment. The space separated by the stairs is ideal for using it as a study.

Furnishing a duplex apartment

The exposed staircase is usually the eye-catcher in a maisonette apartment. It therefore makes sense to match the interior design to the style of the stairs. If there is a wooden staircase, for example, rustic furniture in country house style would work together, while glass staircases harmonise particularly well with modern furniture made of metal or glass. Another unusual characteristic in duplex apartments is the high ceilings. If you want to maintain the spacious atmosphere, minimalist furnishings with a few selected decorative pieces such as green plants and cushions form an optimal choice. Also, take advantage of the large walls to hang large pieces of artwork on them - they are a real visual highlight.

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