Living on the Waterfront

Buying property by the water is valuable in more ways than one

The Value of Waterfront Living

Any property near water for sale that you find will have a certain appeal even if you aren't the sort of person who enjoys water sports or outdoor swimming. This is because, whether you are seeking an apartment near the lake or a house that commands views over the coast, the waterfront will always have an allure that other sorts of properties don't. Just like living in the countryside, there are numerous lifestyle benefits of living near water, but many people like to do so simply because they understand that it is a rational investment decision. Seeing as properties on waterfronts have a greater appeal to many people, a larger return growth can reasonably be expected. With a limited amount of land where such developments can be sited, the supply of waterfront properties is restricted. In turn, this often increases demand over time, especially in a real estate market like Berlin.

Escaping City Life

One of the main benefits of living on the waterfront is that it so often has a calming effect. Lakes, ponds and even man-made canals can provide a serene atmosphere. Simply passing by watercourses - such as the River Spree or the Havel, for example – can help you to unwind after a busy day or on your way to work. If you have a residence that overlooks a waterfront, then this calming effect can be even more pronounced, allowing you to kick back and enjoy the sights on offer. For some people, living on the waterfront feels a little like they are on a permanent holiday, offering a more carefree existence than might be possible in other urban areas. Of course, living a more relaxed life is just one aspect of a waterfront lifestyle. In many waterfront locations, you will also find bars and restaurants which make the most of their setting. You can often expect to also find sports clubs nearby. Not just canoeing and rowing, as you might expect, either. Many golf courses and tennis clubs tend to be situated close to water even if they are not directly adjacent to them. In other words, moving to an apartment that overlooks water will often mean residing in a smart community where there is lots to see and do, thereby improving your quality of life.

Enjoy Harmony with Nature

There are also opportunities for nature lovers when it comes to waterfront real estate. For example, waterfronts often have more birdlife to watch than you would find in either rural or urban locations. Certainly, the type of birds you might be able to see from your apartment will be different since some species are particularly attracted to water. Of course, there are many different species that need watercourses in close proximity to survive. Keen anglers may be interested in fish stocks, but there are also amphibians and numerous mammals that live close to water. Indeed, it is not just animals that you can expect to enjoy a more harmonious existence with because waterfront properties also tend to be better surrounded by trees and other plants that take advantage of the natural environment. Given the interest there is in ecology these days, properties which offer the sight and sounds of flora and fauna are only likely to become more and more popular. Perhaps this is why property near water for sale has become such a recent trend. There again, it could be that people simply enjoy the fresher air that such properties tend to afford. Whatever it is about the harmonious nature of this sort of lifestyle, it certainly shows no signs of falling out of fashion.

Waterfront Property: Considerations

Living in an apartment by the water will mean direct access to many things that can improve your lifestyle. For example, you'll be able to enjoy hiking routes and bike trails that make for pleasurable excursions every day. There again, you might prefer to swim or enjoy water sports. The plus points of waterfront lifestyles don't have to be entirely physical, however. Many people like them because they are that bit closer to nature and outside of the busiest parts of cities and towns. The gap in front of an apartment that overlooks a lake, for example, will often mean there is less noise from road traffic and so on. Of course, there is also the way the light catches moving water that is so pleasant. This factor alone is something that many people find relaxing, adding value to their property in more ways than one. And yet, there are some downsides worth mentioning, too. Those with very young children will need to take care close to waterfronts that are not fenced off, for example. It can get windy when there is a large expanse of water in front of your property with nothing to break it up, too. Some waterfront properties can also experience more than their fair share of insects in the summer months. All of these factors won't necessarily put you off, of course, but they are worth understanding when purchasing decisions are being made.

Property Near Water for Sale

Many of the benefits of living on the waterfront are there to be enjoyed year-round. Some will only come into their own in the summer months when the water temperatures rise. Either way, better air quality, the availability of bars and restaurants and the sense of community you will find in such locations mean that you will enjoy a better lifestyle even if you were never to enjoy what the water has to offer at all. Everyone has different priorities from waterfront real estate which is why our personalised advice can be so beneficial in finding the right sort of apartment. Why not get in contact today to see how we can help? Discover waterfront properties for sale in Berlin below.

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