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Is living in the countryside a good lifestyle choice?

City dwellers often look at the lifestyles of people who live in the country with a certain amount of envy. After all, the countryside around cities like Berlin and Leipzig is particularly attractive. However, city life has a number of advantages that you won't enjoy if you choose to relocate to a rural setting. In other words, you need to factor in plenty of different considerations before making your mind up. What are the most important things to weigh up when you are considering moving out of the city? Read on to find out why living in the countryside might be a move you will want to make and how EverEstate can help.

Apartments with gardens


Quality homes in nature for sale

Firstly, it should be mentioned that the quality of housing in German rural areas, especially around the capital, is quite high, generally speaking. Certainly, many of the apartments that are to be found in the countryside in such areas are sound structurally, provide more than adequate parking, and do not have the same high-rise feel that you get in most big European cities. Anyone who is put off apartments in the countryside because they think that they won't be up to scratch structurally needs to think again. Of course, we have been marketing apartments for decades, so we see many fine examples of them in both urban and rural areas. Therefore, whether you are seeking a two-bedroom apartment, a studio apartment, or a large house which might be suitable for raising a growing family, for instance, we will have a suitable property on our books. Bear in mind, too, that this sort of high-quality accommodation is to be found in both the rental and homeowner markets.

Living in the suburbs

Of course, there are no true villages in Berlin or other cities in Germany. That said, the further to the outskirts of a city you look, the more you will find a village-like feel. This comes about in two ways. Firstly, some suburban areas have their own sense of community, often – although not exclusively – centred on a school or a community centre. Equally, the suburbs are much more likely to offer green open spaces, both designated public parks, as well as less formal patches of land that have simply not been developed. Certainly, apartments near parks will offer something of the best of both worlds – lots of local amenities and services as well as more nature on your doorstep. Living in the suburbs may be a stepping stone to living in harmony with nature at a much more rural location, and doing so for a while can help you to decide whether you are a true city dweller or not.

Comparing village life to city life

If you want to know what living in homes that are built into the nature of village life is like, then try a holiday let in a rural area. Pick somewhere that is close enough for you to still commute to work, if you need to, and figure out what things you will benefit from and which you will miss. For some people, it will be convenient access to a railway station and, for others, the chance to pop out to a restaurant whenever they want. Yes, the fresh air of the Berlin countryside may be superior, but people who live in rural areas still need some entertainment. By figuring out what the most important things about city life are for you, it will be possible to prioritise. Perhaps you will find a village which offers plenty of homes built into nature and an attractive natural environment, but which still has a shop or two, a train service, or even easy access to the Autobahn. Country lifestyles don't mean cutting yourself off completely, after all. However, you will have to decide what you want to retain in your new lifestyle and what you can live without.

Germany's greenbelt policies

If you say to yourself, “I want to live in the countryside, but the smart thing is to invest in a city apartment,” then consider the property values in rural areas compared to urban ones. Yes, property in central locations within cities, especially apartments near parks, can be the most in-demand. However, the same goes for properties in villages and small towns. This is because future developments are often restricted thanks to Germany's regional greenbelt policies, which are designed to prevent urban sprawl. By preventing lots of apartment blocks from being built on the edges of towns and villages, there is necessarily more demand for the property that currently exists. In other words, homes in nature for sale offer just as much growth potential as those in many urban settings. Of course, countryside apartments are primarily about the more leisurely and less hectic lifestyles they will afford. Nevertheless, no one should worry unduly about the financial side of investing in a rural apartment compared to an urban one.

Should you move to the country?

Some people love the hustle and bustle of the urban lifestyle and the idea of ever moving out of the city is something they'd never consider. However, if you find that the air quality is causing you problems, that you are kept awake at night by traffic, or you want more open spaces for your current or future children to play in, then maybe a move is for you, after all. Living in one of the villages in the Berlin area, for instance, can be great for children, especially as they grow up and make friends at school. However, living closer to nature and a quieter lifestyle can be of benefit to everyone, not just children. This is especially true if you simply want to clear your head and lead a life with fewer stresses. We will be happy to help you make such a move, so don't hesitate to reach out should you have any questions about a move to the countryside.

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