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A new perspective on city living

In the cities of Germany, houseboats are an innovative and realistic option to live near work but enjoy a relaxing and peaceful environment once out of the office. More than just a departure from traditional bricks and mortar, buying canal boats means less financial outlay and a natural lifestyle, too. In Berlin, buying used houseboats offers a new perspective of life in the capital. To discover more about how to buy houseboats, please read on. Below, we cover what you need to know about houseboats in Berlin.

Attractive lifestyle

Living on the water attracts more homebuyers each year, whether to avoid traffic on the autobahn or to soak up the tranquillity. In Berlin, even land-based locals like to escape when they can – the capital has more than a hundred sailing associations, with thousands of members. Without a doubt, the city's interlinked waterways are more popular than ever for leisure and living.

Floating homes

While houseboats are increasingly in demand, there is another choice, too. Over recent years, a few pioneering companies have set trends around Berlin and Hamburg by seeking and securing permission for select, beautifully designed floating homes. Houseboats do not have a motor for propulsion. Typically square or rectangular with access via a boardwalk, they are an elegant solution. Additionally, solar panel installation is possible to benefit from green energy during daylight hours.

Is a home on the water for you?

Depending on size, condition and location, living on a houseboat can be cheap or expensive. Most experienced owners advise prospective purchasers to find out as much as possible about the lifestyle before purchasing. While life on a houseboat in Berlin has romantic overtones and is cheaper than buying a house, it will be necessary to spend time cleaning, and doing chores and maintenance.


Like houses and apartments, houseboats require insurance for third party public liability risks, along with injuries and fatalities. Boat insurance policies ought to cover theft and damage to the boat's hull, keel and engine if fitted. Accidental losses are usually available for an extra premium. Policy excesses may mean the insured has to pay a proportion of every claim.

What next?

Crossed by canals, houseboats are a realistic, intriguing and cost-effective way to live in and around Berlin. If you are looking to buy a houseboat, please contact us today. We will be glad to advise further.

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