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The northern district of Leipzig begins tucked up against the centre and stretches away through the suburbs and out to the pastures ringing the city, giving it several distinct characters. Culturally, the district is dominated by Gohlis, the land of bourgeois villas and townhouses. Yet there is still a strong community feel in these rarified streets, and the population is broader and more mixed than you might imagine.

Culture & Lifestyle
The north of Leipzig has traditionally been home to the city’s wealthier inhabitants, the seat of the nobility, and this is reflected in the villas and stately homes that line the streets of the sprawling residential areas of Gohlis. These are predominantly quiet, peaceful neighbourhoods, perfect for families and those seeking a calmer, more tranquil life.
In fact it was this peaceful seclusion that led the poet and playwright Friedrich Schiller here in 1785, while working on his masterpiece “Ode to Joy”. His house remains a museum to his works, and in summer, the idyllic garden provides a wonderful setting for concerts, readings and theatre performances.
The further north you go, the more suburban the landscape becomes. The neighbourhoods of Eutritzsch, Wiederitzsch and Seehausen were later additions to Leipzig’s urban sprawl; in fact Wiederitzsch and Seehausen were only incorporated in the late 1990s.
Yet here also are some of Leipzig’s most well-known and important locations. The Leipzig Exhibition Grounds, with their spectacular 238m long Glass Hall, host some of the world’s leading conference and exhibitions.
As a city, Leipzig is well-served for parks and other greenery, and is small enough that the wider, open green spaces ringing the city can still be easily reached. Though technically in neighbouring Zentrum-Nord, the southern edge of Gohlis-Süd is bordered by the Parthe river, and beyond that Rosental Park, one of the most popular parks in the city.
The scenery becomes more pastoral the further north you get, with open fields and farmland. Yet even in Gohlis you can find substantial community gardens, and the pretty Arthur-Bretschneider Park.

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