Housing Types

Which house styles exist in Germany?

Which house style suits you?

Housing types are as diverse as people are, with everyone having different preferences and tastes. The most popular types of housing are influenced by a number of factors. The individual living situation determines the decision for a type of apartment as well as financial aspects and, last but not least, personal taste. For many, the dream of owning a dream home is still the main goal, but other types of apartments are also popular. We will introduce you to the most common ones here.

German house styles

A common German rental apartment has three bedrooms, a kitchen, and one bathroom. A balcony provides a bit more living comfort. Even though most people in Germany live in apartment buildings for rent, owning a detached property with a garden is a popular dream home. However, since real estate prices in metropolitan areas have been rising for years, this is often only financially feasible in rural regions. Since people are now increasingly working from home, demand is also growing in such areas as long commutes to work are no longer necessary. However, the average apartment size in Germany is significantly smaller than this trend suggests: it is 46 m². This is due to the increasingly scarce living space in Germany, which means that people are making do with less space, especially in popular neighborhoods.

Definition of housing styles


The detached single-family or multi-family house is the classic of real estate ownership. Residential houses come in various forms, including terraced houses, bungalows, townhouses and country houses.


A floating apartment - that best describes the houseboat. So-called residential vessels are located on inland waterways, they are often used as vacation accommodation, but can also be inhabited permanently.

Attic apartment

The attic apartment is located, as the name suggests, directly under the roof. It often has sloping walls, is flooded with light and spacious, and usually offers a very good view.


The penthouse apartment is considered the most luxurious and exclusive form of housing in the city. It is also located on the upper floor and has a lot of space. In addition, there is a large roof terrace.


A maisonette apartment extends over at least two floors. They are connected by a staircase. It is often found in the attic and the room above it, but in principle it can be on any floor.


The loft apartment is a former warehouse or factory space that has been converted into an apartment. Typical features include high ceilings, large spaces and industrial charm. Apartments of this type have been found in Germany since the 1980s.

Carriage house

These properties used to be used as farm buildings and sheds, but now many properties have been converted into apartments. They have a lot of space and are ideal to be used for multiple purposes, such as a home and workshop or studio.


Villas are considered the epitome of luxury real estate. These are detached houses with a large area, many rooms and a spacious property, as well as very exclusive furnishings.

A variety of living styles

There is a great variety of housing types. This applies both to rental and owned property. In addition to more common types of housing in Germany, there are also some unusual variants for individualists. You can find a definition of all apartment types in the section above.

Pros and cons of housing types

Which of the various styles of housing in Germany is right for you depends on your personal preferences. They all have special features that can prove advantageous or disadvantageous. Apartments under the roof, such as the attic or maisonette, offer a lot of living space and often also very good light conditions. However, they are often not suitable for families or shared apartments due to their usually lack of enclosed rooms, plus they are often not barrier-free. Detached houses have a lot of space and are family-friendly, but are more expensive to buy and maintain.

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