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Sustainable living

Are you looking for ways to be more sustainable at home, but unsure where to start? We’ve collected our top 10 blogs all about sustainability at home. From buying an energy efficient apartment to investing in responsibly made furniture, there are many things you can do, big and small, to live more environmentally friendly. Read on to learn about green energy, Berlin’s green Mierendorff Insel, along with the sustainability of vintage design and even how to renovate your apartment sustainably. Together we can all take action to live greener!

1. Green energy

Energy efficiency is an important topic today in the overall issue of climate protection and sustainability. When looking to improve your energy efficiency at home, switching to green energy can help make your home more environmentally friendly, however, it is not always easy to know where to start when making this change. We help by clarifying what green energy is and why you should choose green electricity. Read our breakdown on different green energy labels and providers to help you be more sustainable at home.

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2. Sustainable interior design

Sustainability has become a central part of everyday life, as many strive to make more sustainable choices in regards to the food they eat and paying closer attention to the conditions their favorite products were produced under. Another area that can have a large impact on reducing one’s ecological impact is furnishing your home with responsible interior design. From using green electronics, to buying sustainably made furniture, to taking something old and making it new, we go over the changes you can make, big and small, to help you integrate sustainable home design into your home.

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3. Frugalism: How to live modestly

What is frugalism? You’ve probably heard this term, but what does it mean to live frugally? Frugalism is about living below one’s means in order to save money and become financially independent as early as possible. A frugalist not only is often able to retire much earlier, but by reducing spending and therefore consumption, a frugalist lifestyle can also be a way to live more sustainably. Read on to learn more about implementing frugal living, achieving financial freedom and the similarities and differences of frugalism vs. minimalism.

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4. Mierendorff Insel goes green

The Mierendorff Insel in Charlottenburg is showcasing what a green future for Berlin could look like. Here, a green island concept is being developed to help combat environmental pollution and man-made climate change by creating a community focused on all aspects of sustainable living. Not only does the island plan to be CO2 neutral, but they are also creating an intercultural, mutually supportive community focused on social responsibility. A major part of this community is the involvement of all residents in the initiatives. This initiative could also be implemented in other parts of Berlin to create a more sustainable future.

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5. Sustainable home renovation

More new construction projects are being built using sustainable materials and with the goal of high energy efficiency, however, you can still be sustainable while renovating an older apartment. From choosing energy-efficient appliances, to using high-quality, long-lasting materials, there are many ways to allow you to live a more sustainable life in an older apartment. Keep reading to learn more tips for renovating sustainably.

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6. Energy-efficient homes for sale

When looking to buy a new home or apartment there are many great reasons to go for an energy-efficient home. Besides the obvious reason that a more energy-efficient home will save you money on your utility bills, these homes also have a smaller carbon footprint and are a valuable investment since they are likely to increase in desirability. In addition to the eco-friendly design, these homes are also highly desirable since when purchasing an energy-efficient home, you can receive financial help. Keep reading to see why buying an energy efficient home could be right for you!

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7. Ecological living at home

Do you want to be more sustainable in your home design? Then choosing environmentally friendly furniture is a great alternative. Not only is this type of furniture produced in a more responsible manner, it also is a great investment due to its high-quality and longevity. Sustainable furniture can be recognized by certain labels and seals of approval. From sofas to bed frames and desks, there are many options out there for sustainable home products.

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8. Make your apartment green

Are you looking to make your apartment ‘greener’? What better way then to fill your home with plants. Not only can you create a green oasis without too much time or effort, you may be surprised what you are able to grow, especially if you have a balcony. If you are looking to further enhance your gardening skills, you could even consider renting a small garden allotment, as this is available in many cities around Germany. Keep reading to learn more ways to bring more green into your life.

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9. Smart home in an Altbau

Do you want to integrate smart home capabilities into your apartment, but you don’t live in a new build? We breakdown how you can create a smart home even if you live in an Altbau. Not only does making your apartment a smart home more convenient for you, but it can also help make your home more sustainable as it improves energy efficiency. Keep reading to learn the best methods to make your Altbau a smart home and how to overcome potential obstacles.

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10. Vintage interior design

Are you looking to create a warm, inviting apartment design with a vintage look? We go over eight ways to help easily transform your space into a vintage dream. Not only does a vintage style help create a completely unique look for your apartment, but it is also one of the most sustainable ways to decorate as you are giving new life to old pieces. Keep reading for more tips to incorporate this trendy, sustainable design in your home!

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