Potsdam, Germany

Discover the city of kings

The gem of Brandenburg

At the southernmost point of the Berlin metropolitan area, 30 minutes by train from Alexanderplatz, glorious Potsdam never fails to delight with its originality and serenity. Once the favourite residence of Prussian kings, the capital of Brandenburg is always worth visiting. Surrounded by forest and water, the peninsula is associated with culture and the finer things in life. Voltaire lived here for many years; for him, it was "A resplendent Athens". Potsdam remains a highly desirable place to visit or - even better - to live.

Culture and Lifestyle
People who find Berlin city life too hectic are often attracted to Potsdam. Frederick the Great famously appreciated the peace, the green spaces and the water. However, Potsdam is much more than a leafy suburb of Berlin. First of all, it's an easy place to live a healthy lifestyle. The beautiful little town is compact enough to be easily explored by bicycle, and there are some lovely routes that encompass all the wonderful sights, enabling you to discover the town much more quickly than on foot.
Frederick the Great started a building boom in Potsdam that led to no less than 17 palaces and castles, including the Potsdam Schloss or Potsdam Castle in English. Many of these are surrounded by beautiful parks and gardens and have been awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO.
The Dutch Quarter consists of charming townhouses. During the aforementioned 18th-century building boom, there was a shortage of skilled workers, so builders from Holland were encouraged to move to Potsdam. Although the plan ultimately failed, the result was the creation of a lovely quarter with small cafés and shops that are very popular with tourists. Did you know that Potsdam also has a Russian Quarter formed in 1826? It consists of 12 charming houses, built when the king demanded the construction of accommodation for visiting Russian soldiers.
Cecilienhof Palace is an idyllic country house residence originally built for the Prussian crown prince. In 1945, it became widely known as the place where Josef Stalin, Harry Truman, and Winston Churchill held the historic Potsdam Conference after the Second World War.
The city has abundant nature, plenty of water and fabulous tourist highlights such as the Sanssouci Palace - and Babelsberg, which offers the glamour of a German Hollywood. The many landscaped gardens and parks are simply wonderful for relaxing between or after lectures. Just the park of Sanssouci Palace is 300 hectares in size and is free to visit.
Potsdam is located on a peninsular surrounded by seven lakes, so it is highly recommend to take a boat to explore the natural waterways. Many tourist attractions can be accessed by water taxi or a steamboat, such as the futuristic building of the Hans-Otto-Theater.
As the capital of Brandenburg, Potsdam is also a centre of politics and administration. Potsdam University is enormously important to the economy of the city. Around 180,000 people live in Potsdam, and approximately 20% are students. There is definitely a lively student feel to the area with plenty of parties and events throughout the year and all the accoutrements that go with student life. And, of course, tourism is also a significant part of the economy.
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