Historic apartments

Gründerzeit charm meets unparalleled comfort

Timeless Appeal of Historic Apartments

Beautifully appointed, the characteristics and charm of our range of classic apartments are magnets for property buyers. The historical apartments in these elegant buildings represent a unique opportunity to buy your home in a sought-after part of the city. All the historic apartment buildings in our portfolio are replete with charming historical features.

A Rich History

In most of Berlin's districts, several old building apartments date back to the mid-1800s. Other historical apartments welcomed their first residents after the turn of the twentieth century, while a few constructions of this type are as recent as 1949. This type of apartment are a defining feature of the most popular neighbourhoods in numerous cities throughout Germany and other European capitals. Thanks to a refined mix of class and comfort, homes in Berlin's classic buildings are in huge demand. Looking to the future, it seems that buyer interest will continue at the same buoyant level – or even increase, due to high occupancy rates and steadily growing population.

Maximum Quality

Even today, central European cities have several buildings from the time, grouped along one road or in neighbourhoods. Germany began to compete internationally in science, technology, industry and commerce. During this period, the German middle class enjoyed improved standards of living. Sales of modern furniture, kitchen fittings and household appliances increased. Also, new architecture and design technologies emerged. Importantly, advances in steel production (the Bessemer process) made it possible to manufacture steel façades.

Desirable features

Significantly, several of these apartment buildings have protected status. At the same time, restrictions on new construction and regulation of urban development look set to continue limiting the supply of Berlin historic apartments. While some see these fine buildings as remnants of more glamorous days, the newly refurbished and in-vogue apartments are certainly light and airy. Their sophisticated yet understated style attracts new residents to these parts of the city. Undoubtedly, the fact that so many of these Berlin historic buildings still stand firm today is proof of the high construction standards. In all cases, down to the smallest detail, the superb quality speaks for itself. When one views these excellent examples, it is easy to appreciate why purchasers opt for the attractive bay windows, stucco features, hardwood floors and high ceilings.

Classic and historic beauty

Beautiful properties from the period known as the Gründerzeit (circa 1870 to 1920) are especially popular. The precise dates are open to interpretation and the era relates to developments in Austria and Germany. However, the significant influx of capital as reparations from the Franco-Prussian War of 1870–1871 and subsequent German unification are the two main factors that led to an economic boom. Also known as the founding years or golden age, central Europe saw much industrialisation. As a result, the need for accommodation grew. Housing developments became popular in what became the Gründerzeit style. The new buildings featured between four and six storeys and often boasted elaborately decorated facades with Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance themes. Built in previously green fields and mainly by private property developers, the property category included some magnificent lofts for the newly rich. Conversely, however, private developers also constructed some notorious rental ghettos for the expanding worker demographic.

A solid investment

It is not only the aesthetics and desirability of old building apartments that make them attractive to discerning homeowners and tenants. There are financial advantages to renting or buying a classic apartment, too. Comparatively, this type of home has a lower cost per square metre in comparison to newly-built flats. As such, they offer first-time buyers the advantage of easier accessibility due to entry-level pricing. By definition, these historic apartment buildings are not newly constructed. Nonetheless, potential buyers can rest assured. Before listing for sale, many properties undergo refurbishment to the strictest modern standards. However, there are also financial incentives to renovating an apartment yourself.

Discover Historic Apartments in Berlin

Our clients can rely on thirty-five years of successful real estate experience combined with an up-to-the-minute digital approach. Now, wherever you are, buying or renting a historical apartment has never been easier in Germany. Our exclusive real estate portfolio features apartments only, available for rental or on sale. An efficient, fully digitalised sale and purchasing process ensures that our sellers and buyers are always up to date on their transactions' progress. When you come to us to find an apartment, you can count on our experienced sales consultants and reliable, personalised advice. For your convenience, we also offer the option of integrated financing and insurance brokerage to protect your property investment. Our main office covers all types of apartments in Berlin. Customers in Leipzig, Brandenburg and Saxony can count on local service from company staff in each of our satellite offices. Alternatively, for clients looking further afield, our joint venture with Knight Frank provides worldwide support. Locating a historic apartment overseas is more straightforward than ever with one of the largest independent global real estate agencies' knowledge and expertise. Whether you are looking to sell your city-centre property, or buy your first home or move to a new apartment, let us help you in your search. Our consultants will be glad to receive your call. Alternatively, please contact us via the form below.

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