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Why Should I Invest in Real Estate?

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Relatively high returns, low risk

Investing your hard-earned money is sometimes an intimidating process, and inevitably involves a little bit of savvy, a leap of faith, and not a small amount of luck. However, if you invest wisely, the payoff can be substantial. That’s why investing in real estate is almost always a sound choice. Investing in stocks can have a huge payoff, but there is also a huge amount of risk involved, and the constantly changing market can be daunting for those who are not familiar with it. Direct investment in real estate, however, gives you a tangible asset. Real estate is one of the most concrete and scarce resources that one can invest in. Global demand is continuously exceeding supply: currently 54% of people are living in cities, and rising urbanisation trends will see this number go up to 68% by 2050.* This growth in demand drives real estate prices higher, with urbanisation putting an emphasis on cities. This means that real estate will be a valuable asset for the foreseeable future, especially in cities with growing populations. It is unlikely to see significant loss in value in real estate any time soon.

*United Nations, 2014.

If you want to have tangible assets, you should invest in real estate.

Safe investment with increasing value

This means that an investment in real estate usually has comparatively high returns, despite being low in risk and volatility. The stock market can be unpredictable and unreliable, with outside factors frequently out of your control. When you own property, your investment is under your control as a tangible asset. Moreover, your risk of loss minimizes over time: the longer you own your home, the more profitable the investment. This is true especially in Germany, as the law states that if a property is owned longer than 10 years, then capital gains tax (that is, tax that is owed on any income, which includes returns on sold property) will not apply. As the housing market improves, your home also increases in value. While the housing market has been uncertain in the past, those who did manage to keep hold of their investments have seen prices return to normal. With appreciation back on track, real estate investors in the top performing markets are now enjoying large profits.

Less complex

Purchasing real estate can be simpler than other forms of investment: there are fewer stakeholders, no derivative contracts, and less frequent trades. Moreover, hundreds of large financial institutions are willing to finance the majority of real estate asset purchase prices, leading to higher returns on investment. The investment is especially simple if you intend to live in the property yourself. Many homebuyers buy property that they intend to live in the rest of their lives, meaning that they have a reliable mortgage (which, if you aren't a risk taker, you can get a fixed-rate mortgage and take even another factor out of the investment) and at the end of paying it off, they have a valuable home to live in and either sell for profit or bequeath to a relative.

Investing in property can yield high returns if owned for a long period of time.

Possible risks

There are a few potential cons to real estate investment, however. It is time consuming, and requires patience in order to see future profit. You will likely need a large sum of money to put up front, and you will then need to take out a mortgage to purchase the property. Furthermore, real estate is not a liquid asset, so it cannot be turned into cash quickly in case of an emergency. If you purchase a rented property as an investment, you will inevitably have to deal with tenants, maintenance issues, and potential liability. If you invest in a property that needs extensive care and renovation, there are always associated risks and potentially unexpected additional costs that must be taken into consideration.

Overall, a sound investment

That being said, property investment continually receives positive returns globally, compared to more risky investment classes such as stocks. A comparison with other asset classes that have a similar risk profile--such as gold, cash, and bonds--suggests that real estate typically yields more returns. As a relatively simple investment product, real estate can provide a significant cashflow. If invested in correctly and carefully, purchasing a rented apartment will generate an excess income that can be reinvested elsewhere, or used to cover living expenses. An investment in real estate can also diversify your portfolio. If you have ever spoken with a financial advisor, then you have probably heard about the importance of diversification in order to spread out risk and reduce loss. Real estate will always be a safe tangible asset to alleviate more risky investments.

Demand continues to outpace supply of housing, making property investment valuable.

Stable residential real estate market in Germany

Those looking to invest in residential real estate abroad will find Germany’s stable investment market highly attractive. Germany has a track record of consistent returns on real estate investment, particularly on apartments. Unprecedented low interest rates on property investment loans (international investors can finance up to 80% of the total investment amount at 1.-3% interest) combined with easy access to capital, with many lenders willing to make long term loans to international investors, optimise potential investment returns. Another key incentive for making long-term investments in Germany, is the fact that there is no local capital gains tax on investment in residential real estate if held for 10 years or more.

To learn more about the property investment process in Germany, and to find out how much your investment could be worth, take a look at our investment model here. To speak with a financial advisor about investing in real estate, contact us via the form below. We are happy to help you find the perfect property in Germany.

Written by:

Catherine Norris

Tennessee native Catherine loves writing about her new home in Berlin. From interior design inspiration to new developments in the German real estate market, Catherine’s got it covered.

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