Ultimate Fun Things to Do at Home Guide


Things to do when you're bored at home

If you're stuck at home and you've started to run out of things to do, we thought we'd share our ultimate ‘fun things to do at home’ guide with you. Take a look, and maybe try something new!

Take the time to catch up on your reading list.

Let's chill, escape and have some fun

1. Read more books - purely fiction

Reading is the greatest form of escapism and helps us destress and reduce worry. You can start reading through the top classics, or check out the most popular books from last year.

2. Max out Netflix, Amazon etc. to watch all the greatest movies ever made

Now is, of course, the ideal time to binge-watch your favourite series or movies with minimal guilt.

3. Disney+ has arrived in Germany

For all my German friends out there, I have some great news, Disney+ was released last month! It couldn't have been better timing, and I've already re-watched all the Star Wars, Toy Storys, and started Mandalorian. Great for keeping the kids occupied for a few hours too.

4. Reminisce with old photo books

Who doesn't love a trip down memory lane? Especially when seeking some positivity and good memories. I find looking through old photo books, or even just my Instagram account helps to lift my spirits.

5. Start-up a magazine subscription

To be perfectly truthful, I barely read the magazines I receive through my magazine subscriptions, I just like how the magazines look on my bookshelf (a great interior design tip right there!). But with all this time on my hands, I now have piles of magazines keeping me busy.

6. Puzzle like its 1995

Puzzling seemed to have become uncool and forgotten with the growing emergence of technology, but there aren't too many greater feelings of accomplishment than completing a difficult 2000-piece puzzle, trust me. Maybe a positive development of this period is the re-emergence of puzzling.

7. Rediscover the joys of board games

Instead of being glued to our gadgets, why not dust off the old classic board games from the cupboard and go old-school? Monopoly, Game of Life, Pictionary, to name just a couple. You can easily fill hours with fun, laughter and joy until the loser finally has enough and tips over the Monopoly board.

8. Back to technology with Podcasts

Podcasts have been growing in popularity over the last few years and offer an easy way to distract yourself from the silence at home. There are thousands of great podcasts out there for any genre or topic.

9. Audiobooks

Audiobooks offer an alternative way to enjoy your favourite books and even come with celebrity voices. A perfect solution to break the silence at home that isn't the TV or music.

10. Finally see your dream tourist attraction without the tourists

How? By streaming live webcams. It’s quite eerie seeing how empty very popular attractions and hotspots like the Rialto Bridge in Venice, the Colosseum in Rome, or New York’s 42nd Street really are right now, and you can do it straight from your living room.

11. Get back into gaming

Is it time to climb up into the attic dust-off the old Playstation or Nintendo64, and re-live your teen years? Or better yet, go and buy the latest games console (which is better, PS4 or Xbox One?), or try virtual reality. Or even better yet, do as I have and rediscover a passion for Pokémon on the Gameboy colour!

12. Take up knitting

Knitting is becoming hip – honestly! More and more young people, both men and women are taking up knitting as a chilled hobby. Knitting has tons of positives, such as the ability to knit anywhere, create useful garments you can wear, have full creative license, and to knit with friends and family. Give it a go.

13. Turn your living room into a bar

If you miss the sensations of being in a noisy, crowded bar, why not try to recreate it at home? Put on some music, find some background noise, pour yourself a drink, sit back and enjoy! For extra authentic ambience, you can leave a couple of cigarettes burning around the room, and stand in front of the fridge for 10 minutes each time you get a fresh drink, to replicate the feeling of being ignored by the barman.

Learn how to play an instrument.

Activities to keep us busy

14. Why not write your own book

When else would you really have the time to write your own New York bestseller novel? If you ever fancied yourself as the next JK Rowling, JRR Tolkien or EL James, now is your time to shine (just make sure you have your initials at the ready).

15. How about writing your screenplay

If you fancy yourself as the next James Cameron or Quentin Tarantino, write your own screenplay or movie script.

16. Create a new photo book

Technology makes many tasks quicker and easier, and creating photo albums is no exception. Now would be the perfect time to create stunning photo books online and get them printed and sent straight to you – blurb is a great tool to do just that.

17. Start a journal

By writing down your daily thoughts and experiences, you can better channel how you feel and manage daily expectations and goals. It’s a way of coping with high-stress periods and times of anxiety and managing your mental health, and only takes 10 minutes per day.

18. Go a step further by starting a Gratitude Journal

Based on the very informative video by the guys at Kurzgesagt, a way we can deal with unhappiness and dissatisfaction through high-stress times is by starting a Gratitude Journal. This entails writing down a list of things we are grateful for every week, or even more frequently. It's very easy for us to forget how good things really are.

19. Go virtual house hunting with EverEstate

Is there anything more fun than house hunting across the internet? Obviously, we all start by looking at houses completely out of our price range before reality hits in. Well, if you are looking for a beautiful old Altbau apartment in fantastic locations across Berlin and Leipzig, it's time to check out our apartments here with our 3d tours: https://www.everestate.com/apartments-for-sale-in-Berlin

20. Learn an instrument

This could be your chance to become the next Ed Sheeran or Dave Grohl. If not now, when? Maybe you have an unknown natural talent for the guitar, drums or just a cracking voice. Personally, I'm planning to learn the piano. There are even apps for this too, plus YouTube is, of course, a great resource!

21. Learn a new language

Hallo, wie geht es dir? Estoy bien, gracias. Comment ça va? It's not easy but let's brush up on our language skills and show our language teachers at school that we can do it! Once you get started there is nothing more satisfying.

22. Become a superstar stockbroker

Have you ever wanted to learn more about stocks and shares, and what really drives the financial markets? Or have you wanted to dip your toes into investments but felt you never had time to do the research? Well, now you have time. But remember investing is risky, so be careful.

23. Take up drawing or painting

A perfect hobby you can do from anywhere, that’s cost-effective, fulfilling and can be done at most ages. Who wouldn’t want to hang their own masterpieces from their walls and enjoy all the compliments when guests visit?

24. Discover some new tunes

Working from home 5 days a week away from your colleagues can get lonely. Personally, too much silence drives me a little crazy, so my Spotify account has become my closest friend recently (narrowly beating Netflix). So discovering new music is more important than ever, and most online music platforms will gratefully recommend new music to you.

Try learning a new skill.

Take this opportunity to plan for the future

25. Plan your future holidays

The current situation we find ourselves is tough, but it is well worth remembering that things will get back to normal, humans are very resilient. And if looking through old holiday pictures makes you want to hit the beach, maybe now is the time to plan your next few holidays. I've already bookmarked 5 hotels in the Seychelles I can't afford!

26. Learn a new skill for your career

There are tons of online tools available that offer you an easy platform to either develop the skills you use daily or you could even learn a completely new skill, such as coding, digital marketing skills, are learning AI. There are plenty of resources online available.

27. Become the next Elon Musk and start your own company

Now that you have developed your skills or learned new ones, why not become an entrepreneur? Our extended stay at home is a great time to start your own company. Why not create your business plan, or set up a website, or start your social media accounts? Now could be your time.

Get active.

Improve your physical and mental wellbeing

28. Stay fit and healthy

While gyms are shut and our time outside is restricted, we must become creative about staying fit and getting in our workouts. Thankfully there are tons of established home workouts we can follow by using our phones.

29. Become a meditation guru

Another tried and tested stress release method is meditation. Whenever things become too much, learn how to completely escape and refresh your thoughts and feelings. There are several affordable apps you can follow, and my favourites are Headspace and Calm.

30. At-home yoga

Just like meditation, yoga is a proven way of bringing some inner peace to our thoughts and feelings. While there are plenty of yoga enthusiasts among us, there are still a good deal of people who deep down have wanted to try it, but never have. Now is the perfect time.

31. Develop your cooking skills

One of the biggest challenges for me is not being able to visit restaurants, and having to prepare and cook 3 meals per day, but on the positive side, this has forced me to improve my cooking skills and actually make use of the 100 cookbooks I have. If we can develop a few more 'go-to' weekday meals that we can re-do forever, then awesome!

32. Be your own barista

Who else is missing the free coffee from the office? With no free office coffee and no cafés being open, I've suddenly become my own household barista, but I'm loving it. This is our chance to get creative with our morning cappuccino. This morning I made myself a Vietnamese-inspired coconut-egg coffee...yum!

33. Master homemade cocktails

A perfect skill to develop now and be useful for years to come. When you host your own party, wow everyone with your own stunning cocktails, or use it as your party trick when attending other house parties, and become the most popular person there.

34. Just chill and sleep

Usually, we all rush around at 100 mph, all day, every day. Trying to save the world and make an impact. Maybe right now is our chance to stop, chill and be lazy. Catch up on all the sleep we've missed, have long lie-ins and get some earlier nights.

35. Video chat with your loved ones

Staying in touch with our nearest and dearest is always important and is something we should do right now, even if it needs to be over video call.

36. Pamper yourself and release some stress

What can we do on a Friday evening with all the bars and clubs being shut? I know, how about giving yourself a full pampering session? Run a bath, use your face masks, do a manicure, pedicure, the whole thing. A much better way to spend a Friday evening than going to clubs or bars!

Test your green thumb and invest in some houseplants.

Get ready for the summer!

37. Get your fingers green in the garden

If you are lucky enough to have a garden through these times, and with spring and summer just around the corner, your time would be well spent getting your fingers green. Pulling up all the weeds, cutting the hedges, removing dead plants and cutting the grass are great activities to keep you busy.

38. Turn your apartment into a jungle

Don’t have a garden? Well never fear, indoor plants are becoming ever more popular, and there are plenty of new start-ups that sell and deliver a range of plants perfectly suited to indoor spaces. Indoor plants can also provide mental health benefits too.

39. DIY time

Set your attention to all the little or big jobs you've always wanted to get done around the house. Well, get as much done as you can from items bought online anyway. Washing the windows, re-painting, scrubbing the patio, re-arranging furniture, and doing a big online Ikea shop will all help transform your home.

40. Spring cleaning

Spring really is just around the corner, so now would be the time to get your spring cleaning gloves on. So, let's get it done! Enough said.

41. Project 'wardrobe reorganise' just like Marie Kondo

If you're like me, you just randomly throw all your clothes into your wardrobe until you're focused to tidy it all up. Who has time to keep things organised? Well, at the moment, we do! So, let's get re-organising, Marie style.

Still not sure what to do? How about redecorating your apartment? Check out our latest interior trends guide for some inspiration!

Written by:

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