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Tips to Keep Your Apartment Clean

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A little effort goes a long way

Keeping a clean home doesn't always mean scrubbing floors and polishing surfaces for hours every week. Simple habits will go far to take your apartment from slovenly to spick and span. For example: tidy people never leave a room empty-handed. So remember to take the empty coffee cup with you when you move from the living room to the kitchen. Toss the dirty towels into the laundry hamper when you leave the bathroom. You move from room to room anyway - so why not keep things tidy and kill two birds with one stone? You'll see: What takes some effort at first will soon become automatic and your home will be much tidier.

The fewer clothes and items that you own, the easier it will be to maintain a tidy apartment.

Less is more

While minimalism might not be in trend anymore, the simple fact of the matter is that the less you have, the easier it is to keep a clean and tidy home. The fewer clothes, crockery, loose papers etc. you have, the better the conditions for a clean apartment. The more stuff you have, the more space and time they take up to keep tidy. So get rid of the muck, donate, recycle, or throw away unnecessary items and limit yourself to things that you need every day or that are particularly close to your heart - just as Marie Kondo intended. In this way you not only free your four walls from pointless knick-knacks, but also have to clear much less from A to B.

When you leave a room, take a look behind you and make sure there's nothing you left behind.

Everything in its place

Files on the bedside table, forgotten ironing clothes in the hallway, shoes scattered all over the apartment - just the way it shouldn't be. Because the secret of tidy households is that everything has its place. This way you avoid unnecessary searching for your keys or sock and at the same time you can enjoy a more structured and therefore visually more attractive home. Use labelled boxes for sewing materials, stationery or tools, sort your wardrobe with fixed compartments for trousers, T-shirts and underwear, and store things where you use them most - that is: towels in the bathroom, jackets in the hall and crockery in the kitchen or dining room. This mean when you follow are first tip--that is, putting something away as soon as you are done with it--you don't have to worry about where it goes. Everything has its home.

Ensure that everything has a place where it belongs in your home. This way it's easier to clean up!

Set clean-up times

After office hours are you much too tired and prefer the sofa to the overflowing laundry basket? The weekends are busy and you prefer to spend time with friends - not with tiresome cleaning? We all know the problem that the household is often neglected in everyday life. So it's best to set aside a day or an afternoon on which you can consciously devote yourself to housework every week and not let anything distract you. If this cleaning time is an integral part of your diary, you will neglect it much less. It's said that you make the time for what's important to you, and if you really want a clean home, then you will set the time aside for it. Crank up your favourite tunes and have at it--cleaning can be fun, too!

Simple tasks that take less than 3 minutes to complete should be done right away.

The 3-minute trick

So now you have a cleaning day that is fixed every week. But does that mean that even the smallest jobs should be postponed until then? No. Because experienced cleaning fairies agree: anything that takes less than three minutes can be done immediately. So invest the time and water the flowers or make the bed. It will definitely pay off. Just one more thing you don't have to add to your to-do list! For more tips on sprucing up your home, check out our article about redecorating your apartment.

Written by:

Ina Schulze

Ina’s heart beats for design, interior and the magic of the (written) word. She commutes between Leipzig and Berlin for love - and is always looking to discover new things about the cities for the EverEstate blog.

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