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Ecodesign & Sustainable Furniture: Ecological Living at Home


Sustainable furniture: An environmentally-friendly alternative

More and more people are attaching importance to sustainability when it comes to consumption. This also applies to the furnishings in their own homes. Sustainable sofas, beds, office, or children's room furniture are all on trend. Furniture manufacturers have also recognized this and are increasingly paying attention to sustainability aspects when designing their product ranges. You can recognize sustainable furniture by the corresponding seals, which serve as proof that environmental friendliness, fair conditions, and the use of renewable raw materials played a central role in the manufacturing process.


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Definition of sustainable furniture

The concept of sustainability actually originated in forestry. The idea is to harvest only as many raw materials as absolutely necessary for processing products. This is to preserve the natural state of the forest. Accordingly, furniture is considered sustainable if it is made from natural materials and produced with the help of environmentally friendly and socially responsible processes. In addition, furniture that has been produced sustainably has a high longevity and robustness, so that it needs to be replaced less often. Furniture made from wood that has been sustainably produced is also usually made from real solid wood, as this is considered to be more environmentally friendly. These woods are less likely to need to be painted with chemical additives and are also more durable than particle board or plywood items.

Seal of approval for sustainable furniture

You can recognize sustainable furniture items, such as organic sofas or other fair trade furniture, by the recognized seals of approval that prove the furniture has been produced sustainably. The most common and respected labels include the Climate Pact label, the Climate Neutral Manufacturers label, the German Furniture Quality Association (DGM) emissions label, and the Golden M. PEFC-certified items are also considered environmentally friendly furniture, as the wood comes exclusively from stands where active and sustainable forestry is practiced. Also very well known is the Blue Angel (Blaue Engel), the German government's environmental label for environmentally friendly products and services. In addition, the FSC seal for wood is recognized worldwide.

Ecological furniture and decor is available for any room in the house.

Ecodesign for every room

Eco-friendly furniture and decor are available for every room, so it's easy to make your entire apartment or home decor sustainable.

Living room

Sustainable sofas, armchairs and sustainable chairs and tables are suitable for the living room when it comes to the dining area. Sideboards and wall cabinets are also available in the eco-friendly variety.


Ecological beds can be placed in the bedroom. These are also usually tested for harmful substances, making them not only more sustainable, but often healthier than conventional sleeping arrangements. Sustainable beds provide a healthy, natural indoor climate.


Sustainable office furniture includes, for example, sustainable office chairs and desks made of solid, real wood, as well as items made of recycled materials.

Children's room

Especially in the room inhabited by the youngest children, a natural and health-promoting indoor climate is particularly important. Therefore, there is a high demand in terms of sustainable children's furniture and baby furniture. In addition to environmentally friendly processes and production from renewable raw materials, the focus here is primarily on the aspect of freedom from harmful substances. Furniture of this type is free of chemicals - look for appropriate labeling there as well.

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