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Everyday savings tricks: Defy inflation with these 10 tips

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2022: Drastic increase in consumer prices

In 2022, prices for consumer goods have risen sharply. The main triggers include supply bottlenecks, the effects of the Corona pandemic and associated shutdowns of production facilities in countries such as China, and rising energy prices. All of these are driving higher prices on supermarket shelves, at the gas pump, and on electricity and gas bills. In fact, forecasts predict further price increases. By saving money in your everyday life, you can strategically counter these developments. Our savings tips for everyday life show you how to do this.

For everyday savings, the right preparation is the best success factor

The best savings tips for everyday life

For saving in everyday life, the right preparation is the best success factor. Take a close look at your expenses, quickly recognize savings potential and identify places that help cut costs in everyday life.

1. Keeping a budget book

Before you set out to save money in everyday life, you should know how your purchasing behavior is structured. This provides an overview of your income and expenses. A household book, in which you note down all purchases in detail, helps here. Often unnecessary expenditures become thereby fast visible.

2. Cancel unused subscriptions

Magazines, apps, gym - subscriptions exist for different areas. The supposedly small monthly amounts add up quickly and lower the monthly available financial resources. Here it is important to check what of it is really necessary and what you can do without.

3. Selling unused items

Nowadays, there are many platforms that allow you to sell used items. A decluttering event may unearth a value or two that you can sell on eBay, rebuy, or simply sell at the weekly flea market.

4. Compare heating oil prices

Especially in the winter season, heating is an enormous cost driver. Here a offerer comparison is recommended. This is possible over the Internet and relevant comparison portals without large expenditure.

5. Automate savings

If you have a fixed monthly income, you can build up reserves by automatically debiting savings amounts. If you include this automatically, for example through a standing order, you reduce the temptation to spend the money on other expenses.

6. Use car-sharing agencies

Being mobile always involves costs. An inexpensive alternative to your own car or train is carpooling, which you can get through carpooling agencies on the Internet. Even long distances can be covered for a reasonable price.

7. Compare prices

It is worth comparing prices not only for electricity, gas or oil, but also for everyday purchases. The price differences here are sometimes considerable, and apps for price comparison or platforms such as idealo are clear and uncomplicated ways to locate cheaper alternatives.

8. Energy-efficient cooking

There is enormous potential for savings when it comes to electricity consumption, especially in the kitchen. This is especially true for cooking. Always use cooking surfaces that match the pot, because this prevents heat energy from being wasted. The floor surface should also be as level as possible. You can also turn off the stove a little earlier, not just when you remove the pot from the cooking surface - the residual heat is usually sufficient. Water is best heated with a kettle, as this saves energy and is faster.

9. Purchasing energy-saving kitchen appliances

Especially old refrigerators or dishwashers consume an enormous amount of electricity. Replace them in good time with new appliances that consume less energy, are more environmentally friendly and cool sufficiently even on low to medium settings.

10. Food rescue

By using foodsharing platforms and apps, you're not only contributing to food waste, you're also often getting food that's still in excellent condition at cheap prices. For this reason, providers like Too Good To Go or foodsharing site are an ideal option to buy food at low prices.

Switching to a cheaper electricity and gas supplier can improve the financial situation

Saving money in everyday life - often easier than you think

By considering savings tips in everyday life, you take advantage of the opportunity to reduce costs and cut expenses. Important are good planning and an overview of the relationship between income and expenses. Learning to save money in everyday life can be done by anyone - with a little practice it is guaranteed to succeed.

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