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„My apartment sold in just 3 weeks”

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Why did you sell your property?

"I was making a career change and wanted to become financially independent."

Why did you choose a real estate broker to sell your home?

"Because of the professionalism of a broker, as well as the expected time savings. Identifying customers, talking to them, as well as processing the contract are time-consuming endeavors. It was helpful to have someone to assist me who had the appropriate experience and market knowledge."

Berlin has a large selection of brokerage offices. Why did you choose ZIEGERT?

“During my real estate search in the past, I repeatedly came across ZIEGERT. I remembered the company positively due to their many years of experience on the market and from the compelling appearance of their digital listings.”

What concerns did you have before selling your apartment and how were they addressed?

“I was concerned about the risk of overvaluing my property. I also wanted to ensure the sale of the apartment took place within a suitable time frame. Luckily, during my initial contact with ZIEGERT, I quickly discovered that the company's many years of expertise were also apparent in the valuation process.”

How did you feel about the valuation process?

“I found the valuation to be understandable and transparent. My broker Paul Meliessnig demonstrated deep knowledge of the Berlin real estate market. Since it was a rented apartment, he also ensured smooth communication with the current tenant.”

What was most important to you when selling your property?

“The realistic marketing of a property was important to me. As a seller, I wanted the apartment to be offered in the way I would want as a buyer. I was closely involved in the design of the exposé and my wishes were quickly responded to. I also liked the authentic but positive presentation of all texts and images by the ZIEGERT team.

Meaningful property photos are one of the most important elements for real estate sales

How satisfied were you with the duration of the process?

“The sale of the apartment took place after only 3 weeks - much faster than expected. After just one viewing, a suitable buyer was found. The referral was made through ZIEGERT's large customer base. In summary, I would describe the process of the sale as quick and confidential.”

What do you remember positively to this day?

“I found the contact with the buyer pleasant - both during and after the sale. I was also impressed with the exposé. Although the apartment was rented and furnished to the tenant's taste, the photos underlined the potential of the apartment. I am sure that this also convinced the buyer.”

What advice would you give to owners who want to sell their property now?

“I am a visual person. I believe that the first impression made through photos is crucial. That's the first thing I focus on when I look at real estate listings. It is also important to take the buyer seriously and to strike a fair deal. If the market does not offer something or if the apartment has any shortcomings, this should be clearly communicated. In the relationship between buyer and seller honesty is of great importance.”

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