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„We wanted the buyer to fall in love with the apartment"

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What was your motivation to sell your apartment?

"We had bought the property as a second home at the time to give us more space, but later on we decided to sell the apartment."

There is a large selection of real estate agents in Berlin. Why did you choose ZIEGERT?

"We had originally bought the apartment from ZIEGERT Group. Since it was a very high-quality apartment and we had a good experience, we decided to return. It was important for us to find the right people, as they would be our future neighbours. That is why it is nicer to have someone by your side to find the right buyer."

Which concerns did you have, and how were these resolved?

"We were concerned about a deal falling through or a default occurring. We were also worried about whether we would even find the right neighbour. It was only a question of time, as the apartment is very special and we wanted the buyer to fall in love with it."

What there anything of particular importance to you?

"As they were to become our future neighbours, it was important for us to find the right buyers. It mattered most that they simply fit in terms of personality. It was also important that the sales price was right and that everyone felt well advised. We felt absolutely no pressure to find a buyer; our broker, Benjamin Schüller, was just as concerend with finding the right person as well. He worked well with us and understood that it was a personal concern of mine to not just sell to the highest bidder."

Home staging emotionally appeals to prospective buyers

How did you feel about the presentation of your apartment on our website?

"ZIEGERT really did a great job with the presentation and visualisation of our apartment. There are few people who can imagine what a vacant property might look like furnished. With the help of home staging, we were able to show the prospective buyers what it would be like to live here."

How did you feel about the duration of the sales process?

"The sale took a little longer than planned, even though we had interested parties early on. However, this was due to our personal reasons and the Corona pandemic."

Was there anything that surprised you?

"We were positively surprised by the marketing and the presentation of the property. We also found the contact with our real estate broker Benjamin Schüller really great. We had many fun conversations and to this day we remember him very positively."

What advice would you give to owners looking to sell their property?

"If you care about buyer choice and want to achieve a higher price, then it is important to attract the right people. Technical competence and professional illustration make a big difference. In the case of our apartment, it was necessary to have professional ideas and marketing strategies in place. It is up to each individual to decide whether they want to take the time to sell their property themselves or whether they want to use the services of a competent real estate agent who knows the local property market well."

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