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„When I sell a property, I go to ZIEGERT”

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What was your motivation for selling your apartment?

"Private reasons prompted me to sell my property."

Why did you choose an agent?

"I value the experience of brokers, their overview of the real estate market, as well as their knowledge regarding the ideal asking price. From my point of view, this is a reassurance for the buyer who is faced with the question: "Is the price too high?". More often that not, the broker is a neutral authority. Furthermore, I decided to work with a broker because at the time of the intended sale I did not have the time to take sufficient care of the sale."

Berlin has a large selection of brokers. Why ZIEGERT?

"ZIEGERT Group always made a professional impression on me. When I came to Berlin 20 years ago and was looking for an apartment, I came into contact with Ziegert for the first time. Although no transaction took place, I was left with a good impression. Then in 2015, I purchased an apartment through Ziegert in which I still live today. This experience was also good. It was clear to me that whenever I sell a property, I will do so with ZIEGERT."

Surveys have repeatedly shown that selling a home is among the most stressful life experiences

Did you have any concerns before the sale? Where these adressed?

"It was a rented property. I did not know at the time if and to what extent the rented state would affect the sale price. My agent, Benjamin Schüller, provided me with comprehensive information and answered my questions during the preparation of the exposé."

How did you find the valuation process?

"Various parameters such as location, year of construction and demand contributed to determining the optimal sales price. The valuation of the property overall seemed transparent and comprehensible."

What was of particular importance to you during the sale?

"It was my goal to sell the apartment in its rented condition without great effort. That was the case. My agent Benjamin Schüller was always pleasant to deal with and competent. He was always responsive and talked to the tenant, looking for ways to move forward with a mutually satisfactory solution. I always felt well looked after."

How satisfied were you with the duration of the process?

"The sale of my property took longer than expected, almost 1 year. However, this was not due to ZIEGERT but for personal reasons. Incidentally, the delays enabled us to sell the apartment at a significantly higher rate than planned."

Was there anything that made a lasting positive impression?

"My broker. He was always competent and friendly, both in person and in writing. I felt in good hands."

What advice would you give to those selling their property?

"Contact a competent broker who has an overview of the market! The professional marketing of a high-end property requires several skills in the areas of text and photography - a professional broker will save you time, stress and money. Price negotiations with buyers, too, are carried out more efficiently with an expert by your side."

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