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Quick and secure: How to reserve your dream property online

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Reservation: Online, quick and easy

From now on, customers have the possibility to submit their property reservation contract with a digital signature at the push of a button. With the introduction of this automated procedure, we guarantee a signature process that allows reservations to be made regardless of location and time. As opposed to a traditional reservation with a manual signature, the e-signature makes it easier than ever. In cooperation with the service provider IDnow, documents are digitally signed in the form of the "Qualified Electronic Signature" (QES). This allows for the property buyer's signature to be linked to the respective reservation document in order to document the buyer's consent to the entire contract, including the commission and reservation fee.

About IDnow

IDnow is a leading company in the field of video identification with electronic signatures in Europe. The company was granted an EU patent for the IDnow Video-Ident procedure in May 2016. Through the worldwide implementation in 2018, IDnow offers a useful and automated procedure for online identification all over the world. Predominantly, the service provider is utilized by banks, telecommunications companies and mobility service providers.

What is an electronic signature?

With the help of electronic signatures, documents such as contracts and powers of attorney can be signed paperlessly online. This eliminates tedious steps such as printing, signing and publishing documents. With our partner IDnow, the requirements of the qualified electronic signature (QES) are met. The highest security level for electronic contract signatures is provided and guarantees the same legal security as handwritten signatures on paper documents.

The E-Sign procedure is easy to understand and can be carried out regardless of location

What are the advantages of an electronic signature?

The electronic signature not only offers the advantage of signing contracts in real time, but also the elimination of cumbersome intermediate steps such as scanning or printing reservation documents. Compared to traditional reservations, it is flexible and can be completed quickly.

How do I identify myself?

Our cooperation partner enables our customers to carry out the identity check via video chat 24 hours a day. This process, including waiting time, takes only a few minutes and allows the reservation contract to be concluded without additional hardware. The process requires nothing more than internet access, a smartphone or tablet and a valid identification document.

In which languages is IDnow available?

IDnow promises to verify a wide range of identity documents, such as passports or ID cards from over 50 countries. The Ident Center offers multilingual verification in German, English, Spanish and French.

Practical: Customer identification by video can be carried out from any end device

Are the requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering Act met?

The signatory must first be identified for the qualified electronic signature as part of the automatic identification process. With IDnow eSign, the identification and subsequent signing takes place completely online. The identification procedure is carried out in accordance with BaFin in Germany and thus fulfils the identification requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering Act.

How secure is the VideoIdent procedure?

The verification and communication via IDnow takes place via encrypted channels. High-security data centres in the European Union ensure the additional security of customer data. A basic requirement for secure data transmission is also that the end user uses a device with sufficient virus and malware protection for video recognition.

Identification by video: A step-by-step guide

Step 1

After the comprehensive personal consultation with our experienced sales consultants and the search for a suitable property, but beofre the financing and yield calculation, the client passes on their property reservation request to their personal sales consultant. The client then receives an automatically generated link by e-mail that briefly explains the reservation process. This link takes the client to the first step of the reservation process. As part of the automatic online identification process, they are asked to photograph the front and back of their photo ID and take a self-portrait. Before doing so, the client is asked to read and accept IDnow's terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy. The data will then be transmitted but will not stored on the end device.

Quick: on average, the identification process with IDnow takes only 3 minutes

Step 2

Once the automatic identification step has been carried out, a draft of the reservation contract is sent to the customer in a second email. Within the next 48 hours, it is possible to carry out the electronic signature via another personally generated link. The identification process takes place via an app or browser through the VideoIdent procedure. This requires a valid official photo ID, identity card or passport and a device with a camera. For a smooth process, it is recommended to be in a private room with good lighting. Via video chat, the customer communicates directly with an expert from the company IDnow, who verifies the required identification documents and authenticates the customer. Video identification is recorded, and images of the valid photo ID are obtained from the customer. During the identification process, the signatory is asked to enter an Ident code sent by SMS in the verification field. By means of three digital signatures, the customer confirms that they agree with all the contents mentioned in the contract:

  • Commission EverEstate to acquire the property
  • Data protection declaration
  • Approval of the overall contract, incl. commission and reservation fee

Step 3

After successful completion of the procedure, the encrypted data and the electronically submitted signatures are forwarded to the reservation department and verified one last time. Finally, in the ideal situation, the client receives a positive confirmation of the reservation of their desired property.

Written by:

Nicole Lindt, Inside Sales Manager

Nicole is a working student and passionate about real estate. She is studying the trends of the moment and all the activities in terms of marketing and development of real estate in Berlin.

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