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The 7 best rental property management software for investors

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Buildium is a cloud-based property software designed to handle all the core activities of a real estate company. It allows property managers to post vacancies, find reliable tenants and manage other operations. Buildium is an end-to-end solution; therefore, property managers can manage vacancies, payments, and repair requests within one platform. You can access several useful shortcuts, such as receiving payments, recording checks and deposits, and receiving owner payments. Within the information section, you can view the properties portfolio, available and ongoing leases, tenants, and owners, making Buildium a great tool for managing several properties with different owners.


TurboTenant is a popular rental property software used by thousands of landlords nationwide. It is free to use, ideal for independent landlords who want to streamline the rent cycle. The platform offers automatic email and text notifications for landlords, applicants, and potential leads. TurboTenant works best for landlords who manage up to 100 units. It is a lightweight system that is easy to use; however, it does not have as many features as other solutions. TurboTenant is used by many landlords as it also offers free property marketing, efficient collection of rent, and effective lead management. TurboTenant is free for landlords as tenants carry the cost through application fees, online rent payments, and renters’ insurance.


AppFolio is a versatile property management solution for family homes, community associations, and commercial properties. The platform enables landlords to manage and market real estate properties by offering comprehensive reports and real-time data that track the performance of your portfolio. The platform features integrated payments for owners, vendors, and residents. Online portals give users important information on upcoming events, scheduled maintenance, and setting up tasks. In addition, AppFolio also has a centralized in-built communication tool to respond to maintenance requests, answer questions and routinely inform all the stakeholders. The platform also automates repetitive accounting eliminating the need for manual data entry, which is prone to human error.


Propertyware is an online property management solution with great reporting features that allow landlords to streamline the most painstaking processes in real estate management. The software also offers landlords marketing tools that let them create and manage all the vacancy listings in their portfolios. The Propertyware leasing contact center ensures landlords are connected to potential tenants who reach out via phone or email. Propertyware’s accounting system is comprehensive as it shows outflows and inflows of cash routinely. This can be an effective tool to maximize the highest revenue-generating properties and find ways to minimize the highest and most recurrent costs. The platform also integrates with Quickbooks, one of the most widely used accounting software, making it easier to account for taxes in the context of the portfolio as a whole.

Property management solutions save a lot of time by automating manual routine tasks.


Real estate management can be a tedious process. SimplifyEM is a full-featured web-based software that lets you conveniently manage your real estate properties. SimplifyEM features online rental applications, tenant and lease information management, and online payments to collect rent and remit payments. The rental property software automatically delivers rent receipts, owner reports, and late notices. Landlords can easily access their income streams and expenses and manage maintenance for the best tenant experience. SimplifyEM is also known for its exemplary customer service to landlords every step of the way.

MRI Software

MRI Software for real estate management lets landlords access all the vital information to view, manage and generate reports on real estate properties. The platform offers consolidated financial statements and trends in real estate performance over a given period. You can bookmark the pages and reports you regularly access to easily view them on demand. MRI Software lets landlords find specific asset information and create risk profiles that meet a real estate investor’s needs. Beyond financial management, MRI Software is an effective tool for creating investment strategies for real estate investments.

Yardi Breeze

Yardi Breeze is a powerful residential property management solution that simplifies real estate management. The platform features an intuitive dashboard that lets you see important metrics such as vacancy rate and open maintenance requests, accounting receivables, and outstanding payables at a glance. You can create weekly or monthly tasks in the in-built calendar tool. Also, you can communicate with tenants individually or send out group communications. The platform lets landlords configure access to users such as maintenance staff, so confidential data is always secure. Yardi Breeze has many features that make it ideal for managing different residential properties, including condos, residential, self-storage, and commercial properties.

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