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Moving to Germany: Best Cities to Call Home

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Choosing your new city

Now that you’re moving to Germany, the first thing you need to decide is which city to move to. If you’re moving for a job, then you may already know where you’re going; if not, you need to consider what you’re looking for in your new German city. Do you want a vibrant, cosmopolitan city like Berlin? Or are you looking for a quieter area with an old-town feel? If you’re planning on weekend getaways, do you want to be closer to Western or Eastern Europe? You want to think about what the best German city to live in for you, depending on your interests and lifestyle.

Cosmopolitan or countryside

In large, international metropolises, like Berlin, you’ll find a city rich in cultural and diversity. Here you will never run out of things to do with the various cultural events, museums, all the wonderful parks and lakes throughout the city and of course the great food. While in a smaller town, you can enjoy a quieter, yet charming everyday life. If you are someone who wants to attend exciting events on a regular basis and constantly meet new people, then a metropolitan center like Berlin could be for you. However, if you appreciate life’s smaller moments in a picturesque setting, then a small German town could be your ideal choice, such as Chemnitz, or Frankfurt (Oder). For those who want the best of both worlds, perhaps Leipzig is the answer: a city with many amenities and cultural attractions, but on a smaller, quieter scale.

Cost of living in Germany

When choosing which city to move to, it’s also necessary to think about the cost of living. The good news is that there are many places in Germany where the cost of living is relatively low. Even though the cost of living in Berlin has been increasing, it's still affordable compared to most large European metropolises. In other up-and-coming cities, like Leipzig, the cost of living is even lower. Here you can still live in an exciting urban center, while being able to purchase a new apartment for less than in Berlin.

Now can be a great time to invest in the German property market by purchasing an apartment.

Finding an apartment

When choosing your new apartment, you also want to think about if you want to live in a new build or in an Altbau. There are great advantages to living in a new build or in a renovated Altbau. With a renovated Altbau, you will have that classic Gründerzeit style. Think lofty, high ceilings with intricate crown molding and sweeping double doors, along with beautiful parquet floors. Often, these Altbaus have been expertly renovated so you can enjoy all these beautiful, classic features, but still have all the modern amenities you would appreciate in any apartment. These modern amenities include updated heating, newly designed bathrooms, and kitchens ready for your new appliances. On the other hand, in a new build, everything is modern with stylish design lines. These modern elements can really make a statement. From open-plan concepts, to sleek, modern bathrooms and in some cases these apartments can be equipped with state-of-the-art smart home systems. Just because new build apartments are extremely modern, they still can have great design features that blend well with Altbaus on the same street.

Welcome home

As you can see, there are many advantages to moving to Germany, no matter which city you choose. Across Germany there are so many great places to experiences and all at a relatively good cost-of-living. Now is a great time to move and take advantage of the fact that it is a good time to invest in the German property market. As you continue to prepare for your move, keep a look out for our next article all about what to expect when you move and the important first steps you need to take once you’ve arrived in your new city. Stayed tuned for the last article as well, which will focus on settling into your new life in Germany.

Written by:

Marit Hunt

Since moving to Berlin from the U.S., Marit enjoys exploring everything her new city has to offer, from the many parks and lakes to the nicest cafés and writing about her experiences for the EverEstate blog.

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