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Viewing houses safely during COVID-19: Stunning 3D home tours

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Virtual 3D tours

Go on an apartment viewing...virtually. Thanks to our 3D tours, this is possible at any time, in the comfort of your own home. Nearly every apartment in our portfolio can be viewed online around the clock via mobile phone or laptop. You can choose between the three-dimensional dollhouse mode, which gives you an optimal feeling for the depth and height of the individual rooms, or the floor plan mode, which shows the apartment from a bird's eye view. A handy help option shows you exactly how to use the mouse or touchpad to move around the virtual space and explore every corner of the property. If you'd rather be guided through the apartment in comfort, the play function will take you to a video that shows you every room. Using the "Highlights" option, you can also choose which room you are primarily interested in and switch directly to it. Last but not least, the measurement mode gives you the opportunity to precisely capture the dimensions of the apartment. This is an innovative tour that may not be able to replace real tours, but it can give a wonderful first impression.

Take a 3D tour of many of our apartments from the comfort of your couch.

Live video chat tours

Sometimes it's better to have someone walk you through the apartment, however. That's why EverEstate is currently offering live video chat tours, where you can interact via FaceTime, Teams, Zoom or any other communication medium with one of our consultants who will present your dream property to you on site - while you stay at home in comfort. Instead of a real inspection, the viewing is therefore carried out using one of your preferred means of communication. Our real estate consultant will guide you through each room, inform you about apartment details, and is always available to answer your questions and requests. He or she can also inform you about important things such as background noise or atmosphere that cannot be conveyed via a screen.

We make sure that nearly every aspect of the apartment search process can be done virtually.

Independent tours thanks to Smartlock systems

For certain apartments, we will be offering live video chat tours as well as independent tours which you can take on your own. Using a code provided by us or the NUKI app, you can open the door of the building in question and move around and look around independently within a certain time window in the respective apartment. Water and coffee are waiting for you on site, as well as a catalogue of questions that answers general questions about the property. Should you have any further questions, our real estate consultants will be happy to answer them during or after the viewing via telephone or video chat. After you have viewed your desired property, you can comfortably close the door and consider the property.

We have installed Smart Lock systems on some of our apartments so that you can tour them independently.

Consultations via video call

Sometimes a telephone call or an e-mail is not enough - especially when it comes to your potential dream apartment. That's why we guarantee personal contact with our real estate and financial advisors, whether in the form of video calls or in person. Ask questions, get comprehensive advice, and come a good deal closer to your dream property without having to forego the advantages of face-to-face conversation. Alternatively, if you would rather not meet in person or talk on the phone, you can fill out our online self-qualification questionnaire to save yourself time and jump ahead of the queue on your digital search for an apartment.

Digital exposés and floorplans

We think digital through and through. That's why you can find numerous virtual aids on our website that make the search for your dream property much easier. On every project page, you can easily download digital exposés and floor plans which provide information about the size, features or background history of the respective property. Moreover, our website provides valuable information concerning cities, neighbourhoods, statistics, and more, so that you can learn everything you need to know about the area in which you're looking to buy. Check out our integrated map, which allows you to explore the surroundings of the apartment you're looking at. We also have convenient financial calculators which will help you to estimate your budget or calculate exactly how much you can expect for returns on an investment. You can use it to calculate how much you will need to pay on interest or save for a downpayment, as well as add up exactly how much you will have to pay for additional costs.

Online apartment hunting made easy

Thanks to our digital foundation, we can continue to be there for you and actively support you, whether in person or online. Benefit from the almost unlimited possibilities of a digital world, and with our help you can fulfil your dream of a new home or a stable capital investment. If you have any questions about our digital service, feel free to get in touch by filling out the contact form below. Happy apartment hunting!

Written by:

Ina Schulze

Ina’s heart beats for design, interior and the magic of the (written) word. She commutes between Leipzig and Berlin for love - and is always looking to discover new things about the cities for the EverEstate blog.

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