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Boxhagener Kiez in Friedrichshain

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Accessible from everywhere

Boxhagener Kiez is the easternmost district within the Berlin S-Bahn ring, whose route also forms the border there. While the train line marks the southern limits of Boxhagener Kiez, Warschauer Strasse is its western border and Frankfurter Allee its northern. As the area is flanked by Ostkreuz, Warschauer Strasse, Frankfurter Tor and Frankfurter Allee train and underground stations, you do not have to worry about getting home by public transport.

A look back

Friedrichshain's more recent history in particular is partly responsible for today's cultural attractiveness, although hardly anything reminds us of the outward appearance of 30 years ago. Many of the now extensively renovated Altbau buildings in Boxhagener Kiez had come down after the fall of the Wall, stood empty and aroused the interest of squatters. This resulted, among other things, in the street battles surrounding the clearing of Mainzer Strasse on 14 November 1990, which led to one of the largest police operations in Berlin's post-war history. The bars and clubs that sprang from the left-wing structures laid the foundation for a pub culture that primarily attracted students and young people in general. Despite ongoing gentrification, which almost ironically found its origins in squatting, the alternative scene is still an important part of a left-wing but diverse population mix.

Who feels most comfortable where

There is no question that, if you want to live here, you should neither shy away from crowds nor be afraid of contact. In the daily spectacle that takes place around Boxhagener Platz, visitors and tourists play an important role alongside locals. The range of pubs, bars and restaurants, cafés and small shops, especially between Warschauer Strasse and Gärtnerstrasse, attract crowds to this eastern part of the capital. Life is just as vibrant near Ostkreuz station, while in between, especially in the north-eastern part of the district along Scharnweberstrasse, life is a little quieter and more domestic.

Intersection between Boxhagener Strasse and Warschauer Strasse in Boxhagener Kiez.

Nightlife in Boxhagener Kiez

A decisive factor in choosing a bar or pub at the weekend is sometimes the question of where to find some space - even though the choice is huge. Whether home-brewed craft beer at Hops & Barley, GDR furnishings and alternative music in Die Tagung or shisha and cocktails at Barlou, variety is guaranteed. Especially in summer, a lack of capacity in many locations is relieved by pavements strewn with tables and chairs. Amongst other things, the famous Simon-Dach-Strasse is transformed into a cauldron heated with wine, beer and the like, in which an exuberant atmosphere is bubbling. The good-humoured crowds then live out their drinking mood not only in the outdoor areas of the bars, but also with late night beers in the streets and on various squares in the neighbourhood. The best place to dance the night away is the RAW area, where, in addition to Astra Kulturhaus, Cassiopeia and Badehaus Berlin, there are a number of other concert halls and clubs waiting for the party animals.

Best restaurants in Boxhagener Kiez

Boxhagener Kiez is not only suitable for partying, but also for feasting. A network of restaurants and cafés stretches through the streets, with each serving a different taste and satisfying every appetite. For a good start to the morning, for example, coffee and pancakes or a sandwich in Silo Coffee or Sunday brunch at Hüftgold. At lunchtime, the Oasis invites you to enjoy tasty falafel variations, while Hot Dog Soup, as the name may suggest, offers delicious hot dogs and equally wholesome soups. In the afternoon, it is worth visiting Cupcake Berlin, which offers not only incredible cupcakes but also probably the best brownies in town. The evening can end with sophisticated fusion cuisine at Milja & Schäfa or with a pizza at the unconventional Il Ritrovo. However, this selection does not reflect what this land of gourmets has to offer. Those who would like a full culinary exploration of the entire neighbourhood would have to prepare for a long (but surprisingly affordable) journey.

View through the Frankfurter Tor to the Fernsehturm (Berlin TV Tower)

A different kind of shopping

On the other hand, residents do not have to travel far for an extensive shopping spree. Leaving behind overcrowded malls and shopping centres you will find small boutiques and often handmade goods. The lovingly prepared toys at GroßstadtPony, well-assorted second-hand fashion at KING KONG VINTAGE and a wide selection of records and clothes at HHV are just some of the reasons why the shopping experience is unparalleled. The many shops are complemented by the Sunday flea markets on the RAW grounds and Boxhagener Platz, as well as the weekly market there on Saturdays.

Well-balanced leisure activities

That a balanced life cannot consist solely of gluttony and consumption is well-known in these parts. Fortunately, a number of recreational opportunities help to freshen up everyday life with a wide variety of activities. Besides Boxhagener Platz, both Traveplatz and Annemirl-Bauer-Platz are popular destinations for walkers, picnickers and joggers. But you can also do sports indoors. While Der Kegel offers climbers and boulderers a wall to conquer, yoga studios like Yogibar and Lotos Yoga promise relaxation and movement at the same time. Meanwhile, a visit to the cinema at b-ware or Kino Intimes is a little more relaxed.

What's next?

These days, Boxhagener Kiez can't really be called an insider's tip. The sidewalks are busier than ever, yet the area is no less attractive with the increasing number of people. On the contrary; where a few years ago there were still vacant plots of land, there are now modern new-builds that are stylistically based on the surrounding Altbau buildings. If the cultural and gastronomic offer can be maintained, the neighbourhood can look forward to a bright future.

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Written by:

Philipp Müller

Philipp is at home in Berlin and loves to explore the city in all its facets. Here he shares his experiences, new discoveries, and helpful tips with the readers.

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