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Sprengelkiez in Wedding, Berlin

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Sprengelkiez's time to shine

If you look at other Berlin districts within Mitte, which have long since acquired an ‘alternative’ sensibility, accepted it, lived it out, and finally outgrown it, you might think Wedding has overslept. The fact that it's finally awakened can't be denied, and while it stretches and yawns, it draws more and more people of different colours and backgrounds under its spell. Lying northeast of the lively Müllerstraße and southwest of Nordufer, Sprengelkiez is one of the most up-and-coming residential areas in Wedding.

Cosy cafés and restaurants

Named after Sprengelstrasse in the heart of the district, but sometimes called the "Sparrplatz" district, Sprengelkiez provides a laid-back, enticing lifestyle for its residents. In the midst of authentic historical buildings, you will find a variety of bars and restaurants on a perfect scale: somewhere between an insider's tip and a popular address for locals. Whether Korean Chicken, Guinness in an Irish Pub, or cosy get-togethers in the corner café, almost everyone will find what they are looking for here, without being overwhelmed by choices. Interestingly, Wedding has garnered a reputation for brewing its own beer: Martin Eschenbrenner, of locally famous Eschenbräu, is the neighbourhood's master brewer. The in-house distillery produces a range of seasonal craft beers and fruity brandies, served in the cosy cellar alongside warm pretzels and hearty dishes. Vietnamese food is famous across the capital, and Wedding has its own top contendor. A small restaurant on Amrumer Strasse, Kubi serves up fresh and tasty authentic Vietnamese dishes in a stylish atmosphere.

Cafe in Wedding

Supermarkets and social spätis

Of course, the much beloved Bioladens (aka, organic food stores) have cropped up on almost every corner of Sprengelkiez. Not only good for health-minded individuals looking for fresh produce, bioladens are increasingly enjoyed by coffee-lovers, and those who like to start their day with a freshly baked treat (organic-only, of course). Smoky bars populated by the young and old remain ever-popular, such as the local pub Freya Fuchs on Tegeler Strasse. But locals in Wedding have always been fans of the infamous Späti--late-night convenience stores offering to-go drinks, but also a couple of tables and benches for customers to enjoy their beverages onsite. A cheap pastime beloved by many locals. Often you will meet familiar faces coming around the corner; it is easy to get to know your neighbours around here. This quickly creates a sense of belonging, even among newcomers. Living alongside old residents, international students, or students at Beuth University of Applied Sciences, no one is excluded in Sprengelkiez.

Relaxing in a park in Wedding

Natural surroundings

The proximity to nature is certainly appreciated in Wedding. The Berlin-Spandau shipping canal (aka, Schiffahrtkanals) is perfect for walking along the water any time of year to enjoy a beautiful sunset overlooking the most beautiful parts of Wedding. While some jog or cycle along the northern shore, others invite friends and family to picnic here. The absolute highlight in summer is the nearby lake Plötzensee. As one of the most central swimming lakes in Berlin, it’s a popular spot to meet with friends, go swimming during the day, and watch the sunset and take in the wonderful scenery in the evening. Residents also enjoy strolling through the nearby Volkspark Rehberge. Between the big playground and the summer garden houses, you can enjoy the smell of the fresh park air.

Cultural variety abounds

Last but not least, the Sprengelkiez has much to offer culturally. The many small galleries attract art lovers. The Prime Time Theater, with its cult sitcom "Gutes Wedding, schlechtes Wedding" (Good Wedding, Bad Wedding), is well known beyond the borders of the district. The ensemble performs every year in art house on Müllerstrasse. If you're not too enthusiastic about theatre, you might be happy to catch a movie under the stars in the Rehberge cinema. One of the largest open-air cinemas in Berlin, Rehberge seats around 1,500 people and shows cartoons, German films, and Hollywood blockbusters from Wednesdays to Sundays during the summer season. the The cultural festival "2 Tage Wedding" is an annual occurance, with numerous participating art and cultural institutions, clubs, restaurants and cafés providing a varied programme.

Charming street in Sprengelkiez

With a prime waterfront location, a variety of cultural offerings, and popular bars and restaurants, Wedding's Sprengelkiez is becoming ever more popular. The beautiful historic Altbau buildings, cosy cafes, and green parks invite visitors and locals alike to stroll along the streets around Sprengelstrasse and Tegeler Strasse and enjoy everything the neighbourhood has to offer. The area hosts important institutes such as the Robert Koch Institute, the Charité Campus Virchow, and the Beuth-Hochschule college campus. Sprengelkiez has established itself as an important and worthwhile Berlin neighbourhood, and is expected to continue growing more and more popular over the coming years. With the appreciation rate exponentially increasing here, properties in the area are valuable investments.

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Written by:

Philipp Müller

Philipp is at home in Berlin and loves to explore the city in all its facets. Here he shares his experiences, new discoveries, and helpful tips with the readers.

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