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Find a moving company in Germany: Tips for a stress-free move

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International moving companies in Germany

Are you getting ready to move to Germany from abroad? Here are some recommended moving services in Germany to consider for moves either within the country or to other EU countries:

  • AGS Movers Germany: AGS Worldwide movers are experts in removal and storage solutions.
  • Crown Relocations: Crown Relocations has been helping German residents move within the country and abroad for over fifty years.
  • Schumacher Cargo Logistics: Schumacher Cargo can help you with your move from the United States to Germany.
  • International Sea & Air Shipping specializes in overseas shipping services between the United States and Germany.

Berlin moving companies

Getting ready to move to Berlin? Here are some of the best moving companies in Berlin to help you:

  • Avatar Umzüge: Based in Berlin, Avatar moves can help you move either within the city or to a different part of Germany.
  • Bellator-Logistik: Bellator is a friendly team with decent prices who will provide quality moving services.
  • Hertling: If you need to find a moving company in Berlin quickly, Hertling is happy to cooperate.
  • Niclas Umzüge: This Berlin-based moving company also services other areas throughout Germany.
There are many highly-rated moving companies in Berlin and throughout Germany who can help you relocate.

Moving companies: the pros and cons

There are both advantages and disadvantages to using a moving company. The benefits include the lower stress that you have with the use of moving helpers. In addition, providers have a transparent overview of the costs, so that it is easier to calculate moving costs. Moreover, all of your possessions are insured so that you do not have to pay for it in the event of damage. The financial outlay for the use of moving companies is also partially or under certain circumstances completely tax-deductible. The disadvantages include the higher costs that you will have to face, as moving yourself is always cheaper. Proper handling, for example when assembling the kitchen, is not always guaranteed, as some employees of moving companies do not have the necessary specialist knowledge for this.

Tips for moving cheaply

If you want to save money when moving house, you have various options. One of these is, of course, moving on your own. But there is also potential for savings if you hire a company. With a little research, you can quickly find cheap removal companies on the Internet. Compare the prices of different providers. This will make it easier for you to calculate the cost of moving. It is ideal to hire a removal company that is close by. Then the travel costs are not so high. In addition, it helps if you do not leave all the services in the hands of a third party and, for example, pack and prepare the packages yourself. It should also be noted that moving with a company is tax deductible under certain conditions, which also offers savings opportunities.

Hiring a moving company might be more expensive, but it also makes calculating moving costs easier.

Careful planner or last-minute chaos?

When considering whether to hire a moving company or take charge of your move yourself, it makes sense to consider what type of mover you are. If you are a meticulous planner, you will probably have packed and labelled all the boxes and organised removal help well in advance. This may or may not be a moving company. Other people prefer to hand over everything and are prepared to pay accordingly. This type of mover is best advised to use a removal company. If you want to take it easy and carry out the move in stages, you may estimate several days or even weeks in which to carry out the necessary work step by step. Here, too, a removal company can be useful for transporting large and bulky furniture on a fixed date.

Beware of hidden moving costs

Regardless of whether you hire professional helpers or organise the move yourself: planning in advance is essential. Before you decide on a company, ideally do thorough research. Many companies offer removal services throughout Germany. This is convenient, but may increase costs, as travel costs are higher for remote providers. If a flat cannot be occupied until later than the moving day, it is possible to hire a removal company with storage.

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