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How to pack moving boxes efficiently

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Moving boxes: calculating costs

Cardboard boxes and moving boxes are practical, score points for their versatility, and have a high level of functionality because they are sturdily constructed. They are an integral part of every move, but they also represent a cost factor. It is possible to buy moving boxes in various DIY and furniture stores such as Poco, Ikea, Toom, Hagebaumarkt or Bauhaus. You can also get moving boxes and packing materials at shops like Tedox, Hellweg, Hornbach or Obi. Depending on the size and composition of the box, you will have to pay about three to five euros per moving box at the DIY store. It is cheaper to buy moving boxes online. You can buy moving boxes in standard format for as little as one or two euros each from an online moving shop. You can also get moving boxes delivered directly to your home from online shops like Amazon.

Types of different moving boxes

A simple rule of thumb can be used to calculate how many boxes you will need for your move. One square metre of living space requires between half a box and a whole box. This also depends on the type of items being packed and transported. There are special book boxes for heavy books. Clothes boxes, on the other hand, need to have a lot of volume, but not as much weight. For china and glassware, you should ideally use glass cartons. Removal boxes for crockery and glasses accommodate fragile belongings in such a way that they are stable and securely packed. As a general rule, it is better to plan for too many than too few moving boxes to ensure that there is sufficient storage space.

As a rule of thumb, half to a full moving box is required per square meter of living space.

Rent moving boxes

If you don't want to buy your own moving boxes, you can rent them for a small fee. There are numerous commercial and private providers online from whom you can rent boxes at a reasonable price. Shipping companies are also places to go to make an enquiry. Depending on the rental service, payment is made per day, month, or in the form of a lump sum. In addition, it can be useful to ask around in your family or among your friends. If you know someone who has recently moved, they may also have the option of renting boxes in good condition. This will save you money and you can return the boxes when you no longer need them.

Packing moving boxes correctly: 5 tips and tricks

An efficient packing strategy will save you space, time and stress. It is therefore advisable to start thinking about what you want to pack, how and when, when you order your moving boxes. With these simple tricks, you can quickly and efficiently pack up your home to move house.

  1. Stow items that you rarely need - for example, high-quality cutlery, photo albums and the like - first.

  2. Items that are used daily, on the other hand, should be packed just before the moving date. This will ensure that you always have them available.

  3. It is best to make a list of these items to ensure that nothing is forgotten.

  4. It is also important to label all boxes so that you can quickly find everything again in the new flat. This way, important documents and papers will not get lost.

  5. Don't forget to get enough padding material so that the items in the boxes do not slide back and forth during transport and possibly get damaged. For fragile items made of porcelain or glass, the weight of each individual box should not exceed 10 to 15 kg.
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