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Affordable living thanks to modular building

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Costs incurred by the property buyer

Compared with the classic single-family house, properties built using the modular building method have significant cost advantages. Houses in modular construction, with an area of up to 60 m², start at just 50,000 euros. This cost estimate, however, is only for module buildings without special fittings. Also, electrical and sanitary installation, heating, warm water preparation as well as the complete interior fittings are not yet included at this price. Furthermore, the price of the land must be considered. Prices for modular building, including all these aspects and that is turnkey ready, are around 1,500 euros per square meter, where homes with more sophisticated fittings are between 2,000 and 2,500 euros per square meter. Nevertheless, it is clear to say that modular prefabricated houses are a lot cheaper than individually built family homes. In addition, long-term savings in operating costs due to the ecological construction method and smaller living space must also be taken into account here.

Sustainable and efficient: These are the advantages

Modular construction, in addition to lower costs, has several advantages for potential owners. If you build modular houses, the construction time is much shorter, as it is not uncommon for the shell of a small modular house to be ready after just 24 hours. This saves money on interim financing, commitment interest or double payments for mortgage and rent. Building in sequence also creates greater planning security, since everything is handled by a modular construction provider and there are fewer uncertainties. Modular homes are also characterized by their high flexibility. For example, if the living situation of the occupants change and more space is required, such a property can be expanded relatively easily, either on the same level or by adding new floors. To this end, it is often possible to transport modular properties to a new site, so that even moving with your own house is not a problem in many cases.

Modular timber construction is much more cost-effective than individual construction of real estate

Prefab homes as a solution to the housing shortage?

The housing market poses major challenges for the real estate industry, especially in metropolitan areas, which are experiencing increased demand. In addition to rising demand, increasing attention must also be paid to climate and environmentally friendly construction methods. Moreover, it is becoming increasingly important to use energy and resources as sparingly as possible. Modular construction is a possible solution to these problems. Due to the high degree of planning and flexibility as well as the possibility to implement construction plans quickly, modular construction is an option to react promptly to fluctuating demand. For example, housing for students can be created in this way, and temporary housing solutions can be created as well. In addition, in the event of higher space requirements, houses which are already completed in modular construction can often be supplemented, even if space is limited by adding additional floors. Because the properties are also energy efficient and use fewer resources, they are also considered a sustainable and climate-friendly alternative to traditional construction.

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