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The best liability insurance for every property owner


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Personal liability insurance is of great importance for property owners who use their property themselves. It pays for damage caused by themselves, which would otherwise have to be paid out of their own wallet. A good personal liability policy can also cover damage caused by others or unjustified claims. Taking out such insurance makes a lot of sense, especially since it is available for as little as 60 euros a year. Liability insurance for house or apartment owners) is available in various forms. In addition to the personal option, there is, for example, builder's liability, the building liability insurance or the homeowner's and landowner's liability, which is important for landlords. They all serve to protect against financial burdens caused by damage.


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What does private liability insurance cover?

Accidents cannot be predicted, which is why private liability insurance is recommended for everyone. It covers the costs of any damage you cause. Personal injury as well as property damage and financial losses are insured. With regard to real estate, personal liability covers all damages that occur in connection with the property. In the case of insurance policies that include the additional benefit of loss of claims coverage, this applies not only to those caused by you, but also to damage caused by other people if their insurance does not pay. The prerequisite for this is that if you name the person who caused the damage, he or she has been ordered to pay and you have a title against him or her, and no other insurance, such as household insurance, will pay for the damage. To find the best liability insurance, it is advisable to compare providers. Insurance companies that offer such insurance include HUK, AXA, Debeka, Allianz, Gothaer, HDI, CosmosDirekt, Generali, VHV and DEVK. Private liability insurance can also be taken out with ADAC.

In order to pick the right liability insurance for you, it's important to consider the provider's terms.

Types of liability insurance you should know about

Homeowners and landowners liability insurance

This liability is important for landlords, but it's also important if you lease your property to someone else for free. It acts as liability insurance for the home and takes action if damage occurs from it. Since property owners have duties of care and must ensure that their property does not pose a danger to third parties, it makes sense to take out homeowner's liability insurance.

Builder's liability insurance

Building owners are responsible for everything that happens on a construction site. If people are injured or property damaged during construction work, the builder's liability insurance will step in.

Water damage liability insurance

This property liability is useful if you heat with oil. If this leaks and contaminates soil, groundwater, rivers or lakes, this can be associated with high costs. Water damage liability covers these. It can be included as part of a complete package in homeowner's and liability insurance.

Environmental damage insurance

This covers damage to the environment that occurs in the course of a commercial or professional activity, for example in the event of incidents or emissions from plants. Policyholders can be self-employed persons as well as companies.

Environmental liability insurance

The insurance cover here applies to the same cases as for environmental damage insurance. The difference is that environmental liability insurance only covers claims for damages under private law that have their origin in personal injury or damage to property by private individuals, companies or other institutions, whereas environmental damage insurance covers claims by the public sector.

Public liability insurance

This form of insurance also covers risks of companies, tradesmen, self-employed persons or craftsmen. It covers personal injury, property damage and financial losses caused by the company or its employees.

Reporting liability damage

In principle, the provisions for reporting a claim are laid down in the insurance contract. As a rule, damage must be reported immediately. This must be done even if no claims have been made yet. A description of the event should always be given, even if you believe that you have not caused any damage or have only caused a small amount of damage. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, the damage must be carefully documented, both in writing and with the aid of photos. If there are witnesses, you can also involve them. You can contact the insurance company by phone, online or via an app, by letter or in person at the branch.

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