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These are the 10 most beautiful lakes in Berlin


Berlin, the capital of lakes

When you think of Berlin, you probably associate the capital of Germany primarily with big-city hustle and bustle, busy streets, a wild nightlife, and never-ending construction. However, Berlin is also one of the cities with the highest density of lakes and has a large number of green oases by the water that invite you to relax and linger, barbecue in the open air and, of course, swim. The great variety of lakes in Berlin delights tourists and locals alike and attracts thousands to its shores every year in spring and summer. In addition, the metropolis' lakes are among the cleanest and clearest anywhere near a major city. This is reason enough to take a closer look at the most beautiful lakes in Berlin.

From city to nature: Berlin makes it possible!

Berlin is considered one of the greenest metropolises in all of Germany. In hardly any other major city are urban hustle and bustle and urban flair as well as quiet nature and green spaces or forests so close together. A total of 14% of the city's area is occupied by public green spaces as well as allotments and playgrounds. This also includes the many lakes in Berlin for strolling or swimming. Due to the diversity, by far not all of these idyllic spots are generally known, some oases are mainly visited only by locals. Those who know where secret lakes are located in Berlin, where you can swim, usually share this knowledge only with the closest friends. Secret swimming spots in Berlin offer the opportunity to relax in a less crowded natural area and let a little vacation flair arise.

The 10 most beautiful lakes in Berlin

If you would like to swim, fish, sunbath or just relax by the water in Berlin, there are some places that are ideal for this. The most beautiful lakes near the city are sometimes not so well known, which is why it is advisable to do some research beforehand to choose the best lakes in Berlin for swimming.

1. Krumme Lanke

Located in the district of Zehlendorf, this lake is especially popular with walkers and joggers. A wide path with a length of 2.5 km leads around the body of water. On some reed-covered shores, gray herons, coots and mandarin ducks can be observed. In addition, the lake has an official sunbathing place on a small sandy beach.

The Krumme Lanke is now considered one of the most popular lakes in Berlin

2. Tegel Lake

The second largest lake in Berlin is located in the district of the same name Tegel. It has a circumference of 15 km and is almost 16 meters deep. Thanks to its bulge to the Havel, it is very popular with water sports enthusiasts, and the Saatwinkel sunbathing area is located on the eastern shore.

With an area of around 450 hectares, Lake Tegel is the second largest lake in Berlin


The 100 meter wide and 150 meter long lake is located in the middle of the Teufelsmoor in Köpenick. At the lake you can find a hiking trail, in addition there are various seating areas that offer a great view of the lake.

After a walk on the Teufelsberg it is worth to visit the lake

4. Schlachtensee

The Schlachtensee is one of the best lakes for swimming in Berlin, because it is known to have the clearest water. It is connected via the Wolfsschluchtkanal with the Krummen Lanke and is used by for swimming, stand-up paddling and other water sports.

In summer as in winter, Schlachtensee is a popular retreat for walkers

5. Grunewaldsee

Located directly at the well-known hunting lodge, Grunewaldsee is loved by the locals. Especially dog owners are often coming here with their four-legged friends, because around the lake is a spacious exercise area where dogs can romp and jump into the water.

With its dog beach, Berlin's Grunewaldsee is not only popular for two-legged creatures

6. Liepnitzsee

This popular lake near Berlin is located about 8 km from the northern city limits. The forest that this lake is located in is known for its cleanliness and is therefore one of the favorite destinations for families and swimmers.

Liepnitzsee is located about 8 km from the northern city boundary

7. Krossinsee

Also one of the most popular lakes around Berlin is Krossinsee, located in Brandenburg on the southeastern city border with the capital.

For longer stays, Krossinsee offers its visitors a forest campsite

8. Wannsee

Wannsee is probably the best known lake in Berlin, not least thanks to the popular hit classic by Conny Froboess. The third largest lake in Berlin in the same-named district is popular with swimmers in the summer, but also fills up quickly in good weather due to its popularity.

Wannsee is probably the most famous lake in the capital

9. Plötzensee

The Plötzensee directly at the Volkspark Rehberge has a swimming area and a large number of sunbathing lawns. In summer, Berliners therefore make a pilgrimage here in large numbers.

As Berlin's most central lake resort, Plötzensee is easily accessible by public transport

10. Müggelsee

The largest lake in Berlin, located in the district of Friedrichshagen, is a true Eldorado for outdoor enthusiasts who want to enjoy a bit of vacation flair in the summer. Swimming, cycling, walking and even staying overnight in a hotel close to the water - all this is possible at this 4.3 km long and 2.6 km wide body of water.

With a total area of 7.4 square kilometers, Müggelsee is the largest lake in Berlin

Berlin - city of lakes

If you are looking for beautiful lakes in Berlin, you can enjoy a rich selection. Discover the green spots in the middle of the metropolis and look forward to a relaxing time in the midst of fantastic green meadows. If you want to explore several lake of the capital at once, it is best to book a 10-lake tour, which allows you to get to know well-known and lesser-known lakes of Berlin in one day.

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