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"Properties are in hot demand" - How real estate acquisition works

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Fabian Fröhlich: How does property acquisition work?

Gabriel Seifert: For EverEstate, it is extremely important to obtain all relevant knowledge about the property in question. Where is the property and who owns it? We clarify these and many other questions. We as a company are positioned along the entire value chain: From land acquisition to project consulting for our developers as well as realization of the projects. We work with the data from the ground up and also look at the properties in detail in person to find out what the specific micro-location is like. Subsequently, all parameters are clarified: building law, milieu protection and all other legal requirements that must be met for the respective project with regard to the property.

Do old leases remain valid at the time of purchase?

Gabriel Seifert: Old leases are a very important issue that must be handled properly. We prefer vacant properties where no one lives or if a part of the building exists, that it can be deconstructed. In this way it is possible for us to plan from scratch. We often work with business partners or participate in projects that preserve or remodel/expand existing properties to ultimately blend them harmoniously into the cityscape.

How does EverEstate stand out from competitors?

Gabriel Seifert: Our company combines 35 years of market expertise in the real estate business with innovative, digital solutions. Properties are in hot demand. What always helps are sustainable and successful business relationships - if possible, with property owners - and that the idea for that property is shared with the owner. That's what we offer.

Gabriel Seifert has led the B2B division at EverEstate as Head of Acquisition since 2021.

What is your tip for private investors?

Gabriel Seifert: First of all, as a private real estate investor, you should question the price point - as good as possible reference projects in a similar location, furnishings, and the property's condition help with the comparison. Does the current price correspond to the actual market development and situation? At this point, you should do your homework carefully to make sure you are not paying too much.

What about networking and partnerships?

Gabriel Seifert: The more complete the relationship with the real estate agent or marketer, the more sustainable and positive the business relationship will be in the long run. This is also our approach at EverEstate - we view the business as holistically as possible and make sure that all parties involved are offered appropriate added value. It is not worthwhile to profit from a deal just once, because in the real estate industry you meet several times in a lifetime. This makes it all the more important to deal with each other well and fairly.

What are the biggest hurdles after purchasing?

Gabriel Seifert: The building permit is extremely important. Particularly in tight housing markets like Berlin, the district council often still has to actively decide that the building permit has actually been issued. In short, all political and official hurdles should be cleared out of the way. But you should also be up to speed on the planning side and make sure that the architect you hire takes all the relevant regulations into account. For example, starting in 2023, all new apartments in Berlin will be required to have solar panels - each unit is to have its own solar supply. In addition, there is an obligation in Berlin for eco-friendly facades. Here, we all have to make sure that we comply with the legal regulations, e.g. with regard to sustainability.

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Written by:

Ariane Grote

As a native of Berlin, Ariane likes to share her expertise of her beloved hometown. You will always be kept up to date on the latest trends and developments in the pulsating metropolis.

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