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10 interior design trends for 2023: Nature, emotion and color

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The ultimate trend guide for 2023

Naturalness is the definitive element of new home trends in the coming year, where there are no limits to the imagination. Sustainability and conscious consumption are becoming increasingly important in all areas of life - this is also being reflected in interior design and decoration. Natural interior styles are more diverse than you might think. Fans of wooden furniture will get their money's worth, but other natural materials as well as simple shapes and strong natural colors are starting points for the new décor trends in the coming year.

1. The kitchen as a multi-functional space

In today's world, the kitchen is much more than just the room where food is kept and prepared. Modern kitchens are multi-functional areas where people like to spend time and can be furnished in a homely or minimalist way, depending on your preferences. Among the most relevant fixtures, accessories and kitchen gadgets that no kitchen should be without in the coming year are cooking islands, dark kitchen cabinets and smart appliances that you can operate via app or voice control. They make cooking a relaxed as well as versatile activity. Natural colors for the kitchen range from subtle pastel to strong anthracite tones. The kitchen also increasingly serves as a home office. Workstations that can easily be set up in the kitchen and then put away once the workday is done, create that extra necessary space while not dominating the kitchen area.

2. Aquamarine, cool green & deep azure blue tiles

Strong natural colors create a very special, and unique ambience in the room. Current home trends for wall colors include shades of blue and green, which emphasize the more natural trend. Especially maritime colors like azure blue in combination with cool shades of green, reminiscent of forests and meadows, create a great oasis of well-being at home.

3. Naturalness in the bathroom

A natural interior design is considered timeless - this also applies to the design of your bathroom. Wood is one of the natural materials that create a distinctly homely and cozy flair, and it is particularly in focus here. Wood can be added with a cabinet with a wood front or in the form of a floating shelf. Here you could display your personal and beauty products so that are always within easy reach. For smaller bathrooms, lighter wood types are recommended, as they are less overpowering. In addition, green plants are a great eye-catcher in the bathroom.

4. Decoration

Unique decorative items are the finishing touch to great interior design. They skillfully attract the eye and create visual highlights. Various decorative elements are no longer limited to the living room, as even in the bathroom and kitchen they create a coherent overall picture, which acts as a common thread throughout the entire living area.

5. Soft glow: Paper provides feel-good light

Suitable lighting is a vital part of the interior design. Light has a great influence on one' s mood and can be strategically used in any living area, whether big or small. Popular in the coming year are lights with paper shades, which have been used in Japan for several hundred years. They create a soft, warm lighting, which ensures a pleasant ambience. Whether above the dining area or in the living room, paper luminaires match all interior styles and can be dimmed as desired with the right bulbs.

6. Stylistic breaks between individual rooms

The interior design of any given room can always be redefined and changed. For this you are not bound to any particular style. If you want to express different tastes in different rooms, you can fully live out your imagination and make the interior of your own home eclectic. Rustic bathroom, modern smart home kitchen and minimalist living room can complement each other perfectly.

7. DIY home décor

The most amazing home furnishings are often those that we have made with our own hands. They are not only unique and individual, but usually much cheaper than ready-made pieces. Discover your creative streak and use the cold season to make your own decorative pieces. Even with furniture, you can follow the DIY trend and, for example, restore pieces from the flea market with the help of varnish and polish and give them a stunning new look.

8. Natural materials

The most popular of all natural materials is still wood. Due to enormous variety of wood varieties, there is a wide range of suitable for every style, taste and budget. With a combination of indoor plants, as well as rugs made of natural fibers, you can create an individual and sustainable style at home, that is on trend for the coming year.

9. Colorful sofas and armchairs

Even with the trend towards a more natural look at home, you don't need to forego bold colors and a colorful interior. Colorful furniture such as couches and armchairs are the perfect complement to warm, muted earth tones. Colors like red, green and blue create a great eye-catcher and are therefore among the most popular home trends for sofas.

10. Smart home

Smart home technologies are finding their way into more and more living areas. Smart solutions are becoming increasingly diverse, while at the same time becoming easier to use. The most exciting home trends for smart home controls include, computer-based applications that optimize the air and thus the indoor climate, energy-efficient temperature controls, along with cabinets with mood lighting or electrically adjustable tables, as well as showers operated by a control-panel.

Written by:

Stefanie Aust, Guest Writer

Stefanie loves to put complex topics from the real estate world into understandable and inspiring words. Whether it's about the right financing, choosing the right type of flat, or a successful property search: Stefanie is happy to inform you.

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