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How to "Feng Shui" your home


How to incorporate Feng Shui principles in your home

The teachings of Feng Shui have been inspiring a growing following for years. Feng Shui design promotes the flow of life energy and ensures that you feel comfortable in your own four walls. The focus is on several rules that ensure an optimal energy balance. Rainbow crystals, money frogs, or space clearing - the Feng Shui teachings know many special ways to design rooms to create maximum well-being. We present the essential contents of the doctrine.


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Meaning and history of Feng Shui

This Chinese harmony doctrine, also known as Zen Shui, incorporates influences of nature and the environment on people and their behavior when decorating. The literal translation of the term is "wind and water". Behind this is the basic idea of living in harmony with the environment, thereby creating a harmonious relationship between man and his environment. The life energy, which is called Chi, is made to flow through the interior design according to Feng Shui. The starting point is the so-called Bagua, the room layout according to Feng Shui. It includes eight areas of life, each of which is assigned an element and a color. The colors are of great importance in Feng Shui, as they exert influence on the individual areas of life.

The 5 elements of Feng Shui

When furnishing according to Feng Shui, the focus is on the elements of wood, fire, water, earth and metal. Colors in Feng Shui are derived from them, each element has an associated cardinal direction and concrete properties. Thus, the wood energy stands for growth, development, creativity, as well as health and family. It is expressed by furniture or decorative elements made of wood or bamboo. According to Feng Shui principles, fire stands for recognition and success, and the corresponding colors are red and orange. In home furnishings, this can be expressed through candles and lamps. Metal provides material prosperity. Colors associated with the element include silver, gold and white. In the furnishings, round shapes made of metal, glass or crystal should be selected. The energy of water promotes communication as well as happiness and success in professional and private life. You create this through plants or images of water. The earth energy stands for reliability and down-to-earthness, for example in partnership. It is expressed by objects made of natural materials such as clay, terracotta, porcelain or stone.

The Chi moves harmoniously through the apartment, entering and leaving rooms.

The Chi: Central energy element

Chi, the energy of life, is extremely significant in Feng Shui philosophy. If the flow of the Chi is promoted, the well-being increases thereby. Rooms receive a positive atmosphere, which radiates security, protection and strength. According to the teachings, chi moves harmoniously through the home, entering and leaving rooms. This is achieved through the so-called Space Clearing, with which rooms are cleared of negative energies. It is important that the center of a dwelling, the Tai Chi, is tidy and free, so that the energies gather here. If this point is cluttered, for example, it impedes the flow of life energy.

Implementing the basics of Feng Shui in interior design

For the interior design of the apartment, there are various Feng Shui apartment planners that help to align the interior according to this teaching. Feng Shui for beginners is easy to implement if certain rules are followed.

Living room

In the living room we spend a large part of our free time. Therefore, according to Feng Shui advice, it is recommended here to create peace and positive energy there. This means that the living room according to Feng Shui should be kept tidy, wild colors or patterns should be used sparingly and the floor should be designed rather discreetly. Electronic devices such as the television should be placed as inconspicuously as possible.


Furnishing tips of the harmony doctrine from China for the sleeping area say that the room should not be overloaded with too much furniture. Instead, a purist style is recommended. The bed should not be placed directly between doors and windows to promote the flow of energy.


In the office, activity is the main focus. Here, too, clarity is important to allow the chi to flow. In Feng Shui consulting, it is recommended to have the back to the wall and the view into the room. Positions with the back in front of a pane of glass or a window, on the other hand, are to be avoided.


The bathroom should be kept in black and white, toilets should also not be directly opposite the front door or the stove. Mirrors should be oriented to show a visually appealing image, for example, plants, decorative elements or the like.


Garden design according to Feng Shui promotes joy and creativity. Here it is important to have a clear structure, natural water forms and plants that harmonize with your individual character.

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