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Welcome home: How to find the perfect housewarming gift

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Traditional housewarming gifts

When it comes to the question of what to give as a housewarming gift, many people go for the tried and true. Classic gifts for moving in are ideal, especially if you don't know the newcomers that well yet - for example, if new neighbors are moving into the house. Drinks are always a good idea, so that you can make a toast together. An excellent red or white wine or a special beer are easy to come by and usually appreciated. Over a shared drink, you have a direct opportunity to get to know each other better or simply celebrate the new home. Household utensils are also always gladly received when moving, as they also have a practical use. Such gifts are especially suitable if someone has just moved into their first apartment and the household is not yet complete. A typical housewarming gift is also spices such as salt and pepper. In some regions of Germany, it is also traditional to give bread and salt as gifts. With this gift, visitors wish the newly moved in prosperity and a good start in the new home. Green houseplants are always a tasteful gift idea for new movers, since they aren't dependent on interior style and bring joy and colour into a new home. A classic wine rack is also a tasteful gift idea, since it is considered a stylish and sophisticated gift for wine connoisseurs.

Fun gifts for moving in

Nowadays more and more popular are funny housewarming gifts, which have an individual quality and stand out from traditional presents. Original and interesting gifts for new homeowners can usually bring smiles and offer the gift-givers an opportunity to get creative. Especially when the new household is already complete and practical gifts are not essential, fun gifts are a great choice. For example, a guest book for the bathroom is a allows guests to leave a nice greeting. Printed doormats with a saying or motif or witty coffeetable books appeal to young people in particular. The same applies to creative gifts for moving into a new home, such as gin and tonic kits, bath bombs, or whiskey jam.

For fans of the culinary arts, gift baskets for the kitchen represent a great idea as a housewarming gift.

Personalized housewarming gifts

Gifts with a personal touch are considered an ideal choice if you are very good at assessing the new homeowners, as well as their tastes and preferences. Even if you make a housewarming gift yourself, you will provide a lot of joy. Gifts of this kind will remind the recipient of you for a long time. Homemade housewarming gift ideas could be, for example, a delicious cake or homemade bread. In combination with salt, you can give both something traditional and personal for the housewarming. Other housewarming gifts with an individual touch are personal vouchers, for example for a joint dinner hosted by the giftgiver, and personalized key holders with the name of the recipient or a special saying. A photo cushion that you have printed with pictures is a great memento and ensures that the recipient always has a piece of familiarity in front of their eyes, even in a foreign city.

Original gift baskets

For gourmet food lovers, gift baskets are a great idea as a housewarming gift. Moving or renovating is usually associated with a lot of stress, so wellness gifts are ideal to treat new homeowners to a day of relaxation. Gift baskets with scrubs, shower gels, or bubble baths also make a real visual treat when presented in high-quality packaging with elaborate decoration. For travel lovers, a great housewarming idea would be a gift basket with various international delicacies. Here, there are no limits to the imagination. Whether Asian, Mediterranean or traditional - a delicatessen basket is simply always well received. Wine fans will be delighted, for example, with a selection of exquisite wines from all over the world, such as Italian or French delicacies or wines from overseas. Spanish tapas are also a real treat. In addition, they can be put together individually according to one's own taste. Olives, bread, ham or sardines as well as exquisite cooking oils and cheeses - the choice is almost endless. The Spanish delicatessen creations are complemented with a bottle of red or port wine, beer or sherry.

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