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House or apartment: Which is the better real estate investment?

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Advantages and disadvantages of a house

Apartment in the city or house in the country - which of these is the more sensible choice depends on what your objective is in buying real estate. Many people dream of owning their own home. The advantages of a detached one- or two-family house are many. As a rule, the house offers plenty of space, often with its own garden. It is not uncommon for houses to be located in a particularly advantageous location, for example on the outskirts of town in the countryside. However, the acquisition costs for a house are considerably higher than for an apartment. If you decide to build a house instead of buying one, you can fully incorporate your ideas about your future home, but here, too, the costs are high. Also, unplanned expenses are to be expected, which increase the total expenses. In addition, the management costs for a house after completion are higher than for an apartment. This ranges from heating costs to expenses for repairs and maintenance. As a homeowner, you are also completely responsible for repairs to the property yourself, whereas in apartments this is usually done by a manager.

Arguments in favor of an apartment

Condominium or house: this question often involves more than just deciding on a particular type of property. Detached houses tend to be located in rural, quiet areas, while an apartment is usually located in an urban area. Those looking for an urban environment are therefore better off with an apartment. More often than not, buyers will find that there is a greater supply of suitable real estate in urban locations. The financial outlay for buying an apartment is also significantly lower than for a house. However, in many cases this also means significantly less living space and thus less room - a not insignificant factor, especially for families with children. The freedom of design for apartments is also less, because they have to fit into the overall plan of the house. Especially when it comes to the facades or the balcony, the decisions of the condominium owners' association often have to be taken into account. The freedom of movement is also less in an apartment, since the property is shared by all owners.

Homebuyers benefit from maximum freedom when it comes to designing their own four walls

An individual investment decision

Large apartment or house: The question of whether a condominium or a detached house is the right choice depends on your personal wishes, ideas and plans for the future. It is helpful to make some considerations in advance and put them in writing. This creates a good basis for the decision regarding the type of real estate. Important questions that are relevant here include the living space you need, the requirements for the surrounding infrastructure and the connection to public transportation, the desired freedom of design and the financing requirements. Also, the question of whether you are more of an urban or rural person should not be underestimated when considering whether to buy an apartment or build a house.

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