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Home security: Burglary protection for your home

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Home security misinformation

The danger of burglary is often underestimated. It is not uncommon to think that special burglary protection measures are unnecessary because doors and windows are sufficient. However, these offer far from effective protection and can be easily outwitted by skilled burglars with a screwdriver. A generally low estimate of the burglary risk is also deceptive, because on average, burglaries occur every seven minutes in Germany. Many people also believe that all losses are reimbursed by home insurance. Although this is correct in principle, it is important to make sure that the household insurance covers the entire household. A common misconception is that burglars are mainly active at night. However, houses and flats are usually visited when no one is at home, for example during typical working hours during the day. Especially in the dark season, when it starts to dawn earlier, burglars are active in the early evening.

Burglary protection measures

Effective protection against burglary comprises several interlocking measures. There are various approaches to be considered here. They include your own behaviour as well as electronic and mechanical protection measures.

Behavioural measures for your home

Burglars often keep an eye on houses and flats to find out when no one is inside. By taking simple measures to simulate a busy household even when you are absent, you can already deter them. This can be a good illumination of the property, also indoors it is useful to switch on the lights suggesting that house inhabitants are present.

Mechanical security devices for windows and doors are fundamental as burglary protection.

Mechanical door and window locks

Mechanical protection is at the heart of home security. It comprises various factors. A window grille as burglary protection prevents entry via the windows. Scissor-type grilles, for example, have proven their worth as window security. Door security is one of the essential components of good protection against burglary, for example by means of box locks, crossbar locks or beam locks. Special roller shutter systems are also effective.

Electronic surveillance for the home

Thanks to technical progress, electrical home security makes an important contribution to protection against burglary. A visibly installed video camera that is not accessible to outsiders can act as a deterrent and provide evidence in case of doubt. Burglar alarm systems that emit a loud alarm sound in the event of unauthorised entry or directly contact the police or a security guard have also prevented many a burglary. In addition, there are burglar alarm systems through which you, as a resident, can make a report yourself. Nowadays, they are usually integrated into complex alarm systems.

You should also enquire about subsidies and financing for burglary protection.

Other measures

In addition to burglary protection for windows and doors and electronic and mechanical security, there are various other ways to protect your home. For example, it may be worth considering investing in your own security guard, especially in neighbourhoods that are frequently affected by burglaries. This can be decided and financed through a homeowners' association or a neighbourhood committee, for example. Well-trained guard dogs can also provide a degree of security and act as a deterrent.

Funding and financing

If you want to create more security for your home and install burglary protection for doors and windows, you may be eligible for KfW funding for burglary protection. Projects to improve burglary protection are eligible for a loan of up to 50,000 euros. Alternatively, there is the option of receiving a grant of up to 1,600 euros. The funding covers both the replacement of old building elements and the retrofitting of systems.

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