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Holiday home as an investment opportunity


Many people fall in love with the dream of having a picturesque vacation house and the rental rewards that can be achieved should they decide to rent out their holiday investment property. Holiday property owners can even charge a premium, especially during peak tourism seasons. The property's value is also likely to rise significantly due to an advantageous location, resulting in capital gains and rental revenue. Vacation homes don't need to be just a luxury symbol. You can use them for exclusive personal use, personal and rental purposes, or full rental reasons.


Best areas for a vacation home in Germany

The landscapes of Germany are alluring, enchanting, and breathtakingly beautiful: magnificent Bavarian Alps, scenic sea views, mysterious forests, white Rococo churches, villages dotted with timbered houses, and castles that are almost too majestic to be real. Some of the most popular places for vacation homes include Bavaria, Saxony, Berlin, Saarland, Hesse and Bremen. Most of these regions offer regional specialities in the local cuisine and learning opportunities about the different types of beer crafted in the country. Several factors that may influence your decision include - family friendliness, pet friendliness, breathtaking scenery such as the panoramic sea views and the Alps mountains.

Earning money with your holiday property

The wise cautions against mixing business and pleasure, but there are a few exceptions to this rule, particularly when it comes to real estate investment. Some of the perks of investing in a holiday property include - consistent average property yields of 6% for a complete rental, Ability to reclaim the VAT when your vacation property is fully rented, Appreciation of the property's value over time. As a result, you will be able to profit from the sale of your holiday home if you so choose. Taxes in Germany are calculated based on the total income of the property management divided by the number of holiday homes. Small property owners are exempt from VAT up to €17,500 in annual revenue. This can make renting and filing taxes easier.

The property's value is likely to rise significantly due to an advantageous location

Hiring a property manager

Becoming a landlord takes a substantial amount of time and effort. Tracking payments, collecting late fees, dealing with complaints and repairs, preparing the property for new tenants, finding vendors, and dealing with problematic tenants may be a full-time job. Handing these ongoing responsibilities to a competent property manager can allow you to reap the benefits of your investment without compromising your time or health. Consider the following qualities of a property manager before hiring one: length and depth of experience in the real estate industry, reputation which can be attained from reviews from tenants, communication skills and the level of focus and commitment to organisational skills.

Where are the best places for a holiday home?

In Germany, there are a variety of charming vacation houses, including chalets, beach cottages, and larger, family-friendly detached villas. The Baltic coastline is an excellent choice if you're looking to spend your holiday soaking in beach bliss. Northern Germany's shoreline is famous for its gorgeous towns and cities, as well as its breathtaking natural landscape. Invest in a vacation home with a private pool to provide a delightful environment for you and your guests. A well-designed pool can also improve the look of your backyard and add a touch of elegance, improving the property's value.

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