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Typical Hamburg: High quality of life, maritime flair

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Charming in the far north

The city on the Elbe is considered one of the most livable cities. In nationwide rankings dealing with quality of life, it traditionally always occupies one of the higher places. This is due to its proximity to the North Sea and Baltic Sea beaches, the numerous bodies of water that invite visitors to linger and enjoy, but also the excellent educational offerings in the form of schools, the very good supply of shopping facilities and an excellent infrastructure with a very well-developed regional and rail network. In addition, there is a large variety of leisure and cultural activities. This has ensured a continuous increase in population for many years. Those who settle in Hamburg once often stay there. This also has an effect on the local housing market. Those who want to buy a property in Hamburg have to calculate higher cost of living in some cases than in some other cities.

Did you know? Interesting facts about the Hanseatic city

Hamburg is divided into several districts, which are subdivided into different neighborhoods. The largest district in terms of area is Bergedorf, but it also has the lowest population density. Hamburg-Nord is particularly densely populated, closely followed by Eimsbüttel. One of Hamburg's special features is its proximity to various bodies of water, which include the Elbe, the Alster and the Bille. There is a direct connection to the North Sea via the Lower Elbe. As a center of trade, services and transportation, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is of great importance; it is considered one of the most important industrial locations in Germany. The port is of international importance and is visited daily by numerous cargo ships - a fact to which the city owes its nickname "Gateway to the World". Thus, Hamburg has a flourishing and growing economy. The many parks and green spaces make the city a very green region despite its metropolitan status. The real estate market in Hamburg also reflects the high quality of life. From old to new buildings, from single-family homes to lofts, the city on the Elbe presents an enormous variety of properties.

For capital investors, Hamburg offers a large selection of properties in the new and old building segment.

Berlin or Hamburg: Which city suits me?

The cities of Berlin and Hamburg are not infrequently mentioned in the same breath and compared with each other, as they both have clear advantages for people who are drawn to a cosmopolitan big city. Whether Berlin or Hamburg is the better choice depends on a number of factors. Both are considered cosmopolitan and international, you will probably find a slightly higher level of multicultural life in the capital. Berlin is also slightly better off in terms of individual freedom - there are countless creative projects here, more alternative trendy neighborhoods, and its status as the capital of Germany and a political center also means that there is greater diversity in Berlin. However, the residents of the city on the Elbe emphasize and appreciate the high quality of life in Hamburg. For example, the northern German metropolis has a lower unemployment rate and higher purchasing power. In the global quality of life ranking in 2016, Hamburg even placed ahead of Berlin. This is another reason why more and more people are daring to move from Berlin to Hamburg.

An emerging market for new and old properties

Anyone planning to move to Hamburg has a considerable selection of attractive offers at their disposal, as the real estate market is undergoing constant change due to increasing demand. People who are drawn to the central neighborhoods on the banks of the Alster or Elbe must expect the highest real estate prices in Hamburg. In principle, however, there are large differences in market prices. Good properties in the mid-price segment can be found in Harburg or the outlying districts of Bergedorf and Wandsbek, for example. The city on the Elbe offers not only the classic townhouses on the Alster, but also numerous apartments, lofts or student apartments due to the many new construction projects that have been implemented in recent years. Thanks to the high demand from Hamburg's many students, they are particularly interesting for capital investors.

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