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Halloween 2022: The scariest decoration trends for your party

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Origin and etymology

Halloween is the evening before All Saints' Day on October 31, and the name describes traditional customs that originated in Ireland by the Celts. Irish immigrants brought this custom to the United States in the 19th century, where it spread rapidly. The name itself comes from the English term "All Hallows' Eve," which refers to the eve of All Saints' Day. Even in the past, people used to dress up on this evening, put up pumpkins and make as much noise as possible to drive away the souls of the dead. Nowadays, the celebration is mostly for children, and a day to dress up and have fun. Meanwhile, it is widespread to set up creepy decorations such as pumpkin lanterns, spider webs or pumpkin fairy lights to celebrate the day.

Halloween in Germany

Nowadays, Halloween is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Thanks to movies, television series, and music, the Halloween tradition has gained increasing popularity since the early 90s. The celebration includes mainly wearing disguises, Halloween parties, and the indispensable fancy decorations for Halloween. Halloween is a celebration that inspires younger as well as older generations. They dress up as witches, vampires, devils or skeletons and take the opportunity of this special day to give free rein to their creativity. Apartments, houses and gardens are also decorated with pumpkins, tombstones and other decorative objects to make the spooky mood perfect.

Decorate your garden with decorative tombstones, witch legs, or Halloween inflatables.

Spooky at home: our expert tips

If you want to celebrate the creepy festival of Halloween appropriately, home decor will bring the festivity to life. You can easily find cheap Halloween decorations in many stores. If you prefer to do it yourself, you can make your own Halloween decorations. DIY Halloween decorations are unique, and it is great fun for young and old to artistically implement their own ideas. The absolute classic Halloween decoration is a large Jack O'lantern pumpkin, which you hollow out and illuminate inside with a candle or an electric lamp. All you need for this is a large pumpkin, a sharp knife and some patience. It is best to dry the pumpkin before working on it, so it will last as long as possible. With the knife and a spoon, remove the flesh and carve a face into the pumpkin, which is then illuminated from the inside and provides a spooky (and cozy) atmosphere.

Large outdoor deco objects

Also a typical decoration on Halloween is a life-size skeleton, which is available, for example, through online retailers or costume stores. A real eye-catcher for your party is also a Halloween-style table decoration. It has the advantage of being versatile. Small pumpkins, napkins with spooky motifs, candlesticks or small witch's cauldrons create a great atmosphere, and with little effort. Also ideal for hanging in the window is Halloween decorations made of paper or cardboard, which you cut out. Templates for pumpkins, witches or other creepy motifs make it easy even for the inexperienced to make these spooky Halloween decorations themselves. Not only for the apartment or the house there are many ideas, also a creative garden decoration for Halloween creates the right ambience for the creepy festival. Since you have more space outdoors, the objects can be a little larger. Decorate your garden, for example, with decorative gravestones, witch's legs sticking out of the ground or the wall, or inflatable Halloween items.

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