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Decorating a guest room: Stylish ideas for hosts

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How to perfectly furnish a guest room

The guest room serves primarily as a place to sleep and retreat for visitors who stay with you for several days. Therefore, it should basically contain the same equipment as a bedroom. That is, a guest bed or a sofa bed to pull out is essential to create an overnight accommodation. If the room is to be used for other purposes when there are no guests visiting at the moment - for example, as a study - the sofa bed is recommended here for space reasons. Usually, it contains a storage space inside, where the bedding can be stored during the day. If this is not available, you can also use a box or chest for this purpose, which can serve as a table and storage space at the same time. A nightstand is useful anyway, so that your guest can deposit personal items, books or smartphone on it. Even if the guest room should be primarily functional, decorative objects and accessories are also useful there. Even a small bouquet of flowers on the table creates a pleasant atmosphere and provides a sense of welcome.

Tips for small rooms: Use floor plans!

If the available space is limited, design skills are called for. If you want to furnish a small guest room, you would be well advised to make optimum use of the storage space. In a narrow or small room, multifunctional furniture is useful for saving space. Especially fold-out elements such as beds or tables, which are embedded in the closet, allow efficient use of space. In addition, you should refrain from too much decorative items when furnishing a narrow guest room - it will only take up space unnecessarily. Just limit yourself to beautiful pictures on the wall. Furniture for small guest rooms are also daybed frames and shelves for the wall.

Comfortable bedroom furniture, plants and good lighting are a must for an appealing guest room.

Simply beautiful: Timeless design styles

If you want to furnish a guest room, the selection of furnishing ideas is large. Certainly, the focus is primarily on practical aspects, yet the room should also be visually appealing - not only for your guests, but also for yourself, especially if you may also use the room. In general, the furnishings of the guest room should match the rest of the apartment to create a harmonious, coherent overall picture. Make sure you choose colors that match each other, especially if you are designing a small guest room. Rich as well as inconspicuous colors, for example gray or blue, have a calming effect. To create a homely ambience, it is helpful if you furnish the guest room comfortably. This includes comfortable bedroom furniture, green plants and good lighting conditions. So that your guests can decide for themselves how bright or dark they want it in the evening, it's best to place a bedside lamp within easy reach next to the bed or sofa bed.

Multifunctional room design: guest room with office

When working from home more often, a room with multiple uses is a good solution. It's becomeing increasingly common to combine a guest room with a home office. Designing a combined study and guest room should also take into account various requirements so that a room can sufficiently meets both uses. Thus, a sleeping place should be available as well as a desk with comfortable seating at which to work. Also, make sure you have good lighting conditions when setting up a guest room with an office. There should also be enough storage space, both for your work documents and for your visitors' personal belongings.

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