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Green energy: Your contribution to a climate-neutral future

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What is green energy?

When we talk about green energy, we are always talking about electricity that is generated 100% from renewable energy sources. This takes place in wind or hydroelectric power plants, via photovoltaic systems - i.e. solar energy - or with the help of biogas. In principle, every electricity customer supports the generation of renewable energies with the so-called EEG levy in the amount of about 6.5 cents per kilowatt hour, which accounts for about 20% of the electricity costs. This system of support has ensured that green electricity already accounts for 50% of the German electricity usage. Guarantees of origin prove where and how the electricity was generated. Due to the EEG levy, however, these do not exist for Germany, as providers would otherwise generate double revenue for their electricity. Most guarantees of origin therefore tend to come from countries such as Norway or Austria.

Why you should choose green electricity

The use of electricity from renewable energy sources creates many beneficial aspects for climate protection. The use of such electricity sources is C02 neutral, reduces the depletion of valuable, limited resources, supports the energy transition and minimizes your personal C02 footprint. In addition, switching to green electricity tariffs is conceivably uncomplicated. This is often possible with just a few clicks online. Anyone who wants to compare green electricity can do so on various websites, such as utopia, Verivox or other platforms, to find the cheapest green electricity provider.

Many distributors of conventional electricity also offer green energy these days.

Green energy providers in Germany

As the demand for green electricity has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, there are now numerous providers on the market that offer electricity from renewable sources. Among the best known are Greenpeace Energy, Lichtblick, eprimo, Entega Ökostrom, and SWM Natur. Many distributors of conventional electricity also have green power offerings these days. These include Baywa, EWE Ökostrom, E.ON Ökostrom, Vattenfall Ökostrom and EnBW Ökostrom. In addition, it is possible to obtain green gas and electricity with ALDI Grüne Energie.

Green energy labels to know

Due to the large number of providers and green electricity tariffs, it is not always easy to find the best provider. Not only does a comparison help here, but seals and labels also allow you to orient yourself in your search for the right green electricity company. The seals of approval create greater transparency and show which is the best green electricity provider. According to Stiftung Warentest, there are four labels in particular that are considered reliable at the moment. These are the Grüner Strom label, the OK Power label and the certificates of TÜV-Nord and TÜV-Süd. The RECS certificate is considered controversial, since trading with this certificate also enables providers of coal- or nuclear-based electricity to position themselves on the market by offering ecologically generated electricity, even if the companies do not produce it at all.

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