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Looking for a handyman or craftsman? Here's how to find an expert

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Defining the requirements: What needs to be done?

In order to properly formulate a request for proposal (RFP), it is important to specify exactly what work is to be performed. The key elements include information about the activities to be completed and in which time frame, the exact location of the work along with the scope and the area to which the work extends. Ideally, you should use both a precise text description along with pictures and technical drawings or floor plans. This makes it easier to find competent commercial and private tradesmen and at the same time gives them a realistic picture of the requirements they need to be prepared for. Also, if certain materials and/or equipment is to be used, this should also be stated in the RFP. Ideally this should be included with a link to the manufacturer’s product description. Inaccurate RFPs can possibly lead to a later surcharge.

Navigating portals: Spoiled by choice

The most important condition for finding the right craftsman through a portal is selecting the right professionals, which you will want to allow enough time for. If you are looking for a craftsman for bathroom renovation or a roofer, different skills are required than for a handyman for small jobs such as repairs or light garden maintenance. Complex work requires a certain level of expertise, which can usually only be verified with an official degree. On the other hand, activities such as household clearance and de-cluttering can also be done by unskilled workers. The availability and location of the craftsman are also important factors. Local craftsmen in your area can offer timely service on short notice, plus their travel costs are lower, reducing the overall cost of the job.

The platform TaskRabbit specializes in the placement of mini-jobs

The 10 most important portals for finding craftsmen

Due to the growing demand, there are now numerous online craftsman and handyman portals that bring together clients and experts. Not every one of them is equally well-suited for every job, as some only place handymen for small jobs that do not require a lot of previous experience, while on others you will find real professionals with relevant degrees and qualifications. Here we present you with the most well-known and widely used portals.


This platform specializes in the placement of mini-jobs. Here you can find handymen to complete work orders in the immediate vicinity. These are mostly unskilled workers. You can find handymen privately here; the portal is not used by commercial clients.


If you are looking for craftsmen for energy-related building renovation and similar work, you have come to the right place. Users are also advised on efficient heating systems, insulation or the installation of solar-power systems. Furthermore, the platform mediates with regional craftsman enterprises, creating a comparatively high level of professionalism.


The website acts as a contact point and intermediary for apartment clearing and de-cluttering, as well as the disposal of bulky waste and other similar activities. Some craftsman services such as garden maintenance or renovations are also part of the service portfolio.


This is a mobile app that promises a convenient search and prompt contact with craftsman in the immediate vicinity. Only skilled craft businesses that belong to the Chamber of Crafts, who also operates the portal, are registered here. Accordingly, users can trust the level of qualification and expertise of the craftsmen referred.


The platform makes it possible to find inexpensive craftsmen who take care of all work related to the installation of flooring such as parquet, laminate, linoleum or carpet. The provider is characterized by its many years of experience and is a third generation owned family business.

Ebay Kleinanzeigen

The portal not only offers the option to privately buy and sell, but it also arranges handymen for around the house and garden in your regional area. Both commercial and private offers can be found there. For this reason, it is advisable to check exactly what know-how is available, especially if qualified specialists are needed for special activities.


The specialist wholesaler for plumbing and building services with more than 170 branches throughout Germany acts as a contact point for trade services in the fields of plumbing, heating and air conditioning. The provider's professional portal enables a quick and uncomplicated search for suitable craftsmen in the immediate region.


The European-wide cloud platform for claims management provides housing and property management companies with a point of contact for repair, refurbishment and maintenance measures for real estate. The portal was founded in the UK and has been active on the German market since the beginning of 2020.


Here, private individuals can place craft work to be done as an order, and the registered companies can then submit a bid. The portal is also available as a mobile app. You can find specialized trades for interior and exterior work such as masons, carpenters, electricians and many others.


Probably the most well-known craftsmen's portal has been on the market for more than 12 years and helps private consumers find craftsmen. The range of services is extensive and includes repairs, removals, renovations and complete construction projects. Both certified craftsmen and uncertified handymen are represented, so it is worthwhile to carefully research when looking for suitable expert.

The average cost of one hour of craftsmanship is about between 40 and 60 euros

Send a request: Pricing and scheduling

Some providers have different pricing models, however, prices are usually agreed upon individually between the client and the customer. Additionally, some portals charge a usage fee and there can also be the option to highlight one’s own job at the top of the search query page for an additional fee to enable faster placement. It is important that the request specifies the start date and, if applicable, the end date of the activities. It is also advisable to obtain two or three estimates from vendors for each job to compare terms and prices.

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