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Up-and-coming: Eisenbahnstraße in Leipzig

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History of Eisenbahnstraße

Eisenbahnstraße in Leipzig, also renamed to Ernst-Thälmann-Straße, exists already since the year 1837 and is considered as an important connecting road in the east of the city. It has a length of almost 2.5 kilometers, is located in the Leipzig district of Volkmarsdorf and borders the districts of Reudnitz, Neustadt, Neuschönefeld and Sellerhausen. At the time of its foundation, it formed a part of the first German long-distance railroad line and ran from Leipzig to Dresden. In 1879, however, the rail line was moved a few hundred meters further north, where it still lies today.

In the times of the GDR, the street was renamed to Ernst-Thälmann-Straße; at that time, it was mainly members of the working class who made their homes there. After reunification, mainly migrants settled in the neighborhood in Leipzig's east. The street had a negative reputation due to its high crime rate, and thanks to the low rents, it was also mainly students and artists who moved there. However, after the Wilhelminian-style houses, which had been unused for decades, were renovated, the street's residential and living quality showed a clear upward trend. More and more stores opened in Eisenbahnstraße, the neighborhood experienced a growing popularity, and the multicultural character of the quarter creates a very special atmosphere.

Life in the multicultural scene quarter

A walk in Eisenbahnstraße is like a trip to foreign lands, because the neighborhood is considered a melting pot of cultures. From the popular kebab to Syrian bridal fashions and Oriental hookahs to Polish sausages and Vietnamese specialties, culinary and other specialties from all over the world can be found here. Many small Arabic and Asian supermarkets also testify to the enormous cultural diversity in the well-known street in Leipzig's east, and the regular flea market on Eisenbahnstraße also enjoys great popularity among visitors and locals alike.

Fans of international cuisine enjoy a rich variety of good restaurants in Eisenbahnstraße

Economic boom in Leipzig's east

Eisenbahnstraße of Leipzig has a turbulent and moving history. After reunification, many houses stood empty here. After these were redeveloped and renovated in recent years, increasingly young students as well as families moved here and more and more cafés, stores, bars and restaurants opened in Eisenbahnstraße in Leipzig, the neighborhood flourished more and more. Some people now rumor that the neighborhood could compete with the trendy district of Plagwitz. In general, the street has been renewed from the ground up and social projects have sprung up.

This urban renewal is having an effect, as the east of Leipzig has seen a greater increase in population in recent years than any other district in the city. The neighborhood owes this in part to the use of funding from federal-state programs such as "Social City" and EU funding for integrated urban development. This development is far from complete - a circumstance that opens up attractive opportunities for investors. Thus, due to the positive yield forecasts, it is considered a sensible investment to buy an apartment in Leipzig's Eisenbahnstrasse.

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