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How-To: DIY Plant Shelf to showcase your indoor garden

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DIY plant shelf

This shelf is best combined with various green plants. The practical Vertical Garden is not only space-saving, but can also ideally serve as a room divider.

Required material

  • 4 battens 40 x 20 mm (190 cm length)
  • 4 multiplex boards 100,5 x 21 cm (shelves)
  • 8 multiplex boards 23 x 20 cm (side panels)
  • 4 strips 40 x 20 mm (23 cm length) for the frame
  • 8 multiplex boards birch 101 x 20 cm (front side parts)
  • 2 battens for the shelves (approx. 14 x 10 mm and 100 cm long)
© Sorika Kahrau www.soulfollowsdesign.

Instructions for the Vertical Garden made of multiplex

  • Step One Connect two long and two short pine slats with glue and dowels or screws. Sand the frame, prime it and then paint it with the desired color.

  • Step Two Paint the multiplex panels with a silk matt, colorless clear varnish. Screw strips for the shelves into the lower areas of the front side parts. Then join the front and side parts to form a rectangle. The screws go through the side pieces into the leading edge of the front sides. Now insert the shelf.
© Sorika Kahrau www.soulfollowsdesign.
  • Step 3 Place the four planter boxes at the desired distance with one of the front parts on the ground, lift them up and slide the frames underneath on the right and left sides.

  • Step 4 Fasten the boxes to the frames from the inside using the sturdiest screws possible, then glue on the decorative strips. Finally, decorate the Vertical Garden with plants.

Hint: It is best to combine plants with the same location requirements and different leaf shapes with each other to achieve the healthiest possible environment as well as a lively effect of the Vertical Garden.

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