German Diversity Day 2022: Changing perspectives at workplaces


Celebrating Diversity Day in Germany

Here at Ziegert EverEstate, we are delighted to support Diversity Day 2022 in Germany. Being inclusive and embracing diversity is something we can all do, whether as individuals or in companies. Below, we invite you to discover why diversity in the workplace is a priority in our corporate ethos. #diversityday

What is diversity?

Though diversity definitions vary, the word means something that contains a variety of different elements. We might talk about the cultural diversity of society, for instance. More specifically, diversity dimensions include innate or internal characteristics such as race, gender, sexuality or ability. Then again, diversity experts refer to personal interests, education, religion, family status and nationality or citizenship external dimensions. Notably, diversity can also stem from personalities, cultural beliefs, social and marital status and disabilities.

The top priority in diversity management is to break down reservations about disadvantaged minorities.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Companies and public organisations stand to benefit from implementing effective diversity management policies. In particular, introducing variety in staff recruitment tends to lead to innovation, new ways of thinking and creative approaches to problem-solving. Typically, employees in the workforce are between the ages of eighteen and their mid-twenties – or later for post-graduates. Decades later, as our working life draws to a close in our late fifties or sixties, we retire and make way for new blood. Nonetheless, it is not unusual in some professions and industries to remain active in part-time or voluntary roles. It is important to avoid stereotyping and unwittingly discriminating against a senior employee or contractor who can still make a valid contribution in such cases. Similarly, different nationalities can bring refreshing approaches to customer service. Their input and way of working could well be valuable, for instance, to a company looking to market its products or services either in a distant country or to other cultural groups. Organisational diversity could include widening the range of job management roles. It covers attributes such as departments, location, seniority and union or association membership, too.

Diversity Management

As part of the human resource remit, this management responsibility involves recognising and deploying individual employees to work in harmony. Implemented successfully, it maximises employees' knowledge and skills while minimising quirks. As a result, diversity management helps to achieve organisational objectives more effectively. As a case study, the Belgium-based Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS) DiversIT charter aims to bring together stakeholders from European industries, institutions, charities and the public sector. One of their aims is to increase inclusivity.

Diversity and inclusion are key success factors in companies.

German Diversity Day 2021

In 2021, the German Diversity Day will take place on May 18. Companies participate with numerous initiatives and campaigns, both on- and offline. The German Diversity Day once again serves to promote diversity as a strength in the working world and to create awareness of the importance of the topic. We at Ziegert EverEstate are proud to participate in Diversity Day and make our contribution to promoting diversity. This year, we are participating in a company-wide workshop. Activities will include sharing recipes from our different cultures and assembling them in a digital cookbook, and constructing a digital, interactive world map to highlight the collaboration and celebration of our diverse backgrounds. We will also work together to create a collage of a collection of our statements answering the questions, "What does diversity mean to you?" See some of our favorite quotes below!

"Diversity means to me..."

Franko Došen - Croatia/Germany

"...that characters are as different as the fingers on our hand, but you don't want to do without any of them."

Janina Szymankiewicz - Poland

"...being able to learn from different cultures and environments while respecting them. I find that it enriches my life and makes me feel accepted as an immigrant in Berlin.​"

Jane Adler - Israel/Germany

" be as beautiful and powerful as the rainbow with all its different colours.​"

Bernd Biselli - Germany

"...the art of thinking independently together."​

Gülsün Cakmak​ - Turkey/Germany

"...many different flowers make up a bouquet."

Diversity Day 2021 Workshop at ZEE
We created a collaborative cookbook featuring recipes from our diverse cultures and backgrounds, from all over the world. Some of us were lucky enough to taste all of the amazing dishes.
We participated in a workshop where we discussed different types of diversity and how workplaces can work on inclusion and diversity initatives to increase awareness. We also put together a creative collage of all our statements on what diversity means to us, which we wrote in our native languages--more than 15 represented here!
Finally, we worked together to create a digital, interactive map to highlight and celebrate our diverse backgrounds. We scratched off the countries where we are from and discovered that together we represent more than 28 different nationalities.
Learn more about diversity in the workplace

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