Creating a Vintage Interior Design Look


Tips for vintage interior styles

Vintage interior design makes your apartment feel inviting, warm and unique. Not to mention, buying second-hand (which, if you want an authentic vintage look, you can only buy used pieces) is the most sustainable option for interior design. Adding timeless accessories brings the ideal amount of drama and contrast into a space. The good news is, creating an authentic vintage interior is not as challenging as you think. Read on for our best tips and tricks to make your home look like something from the past.

Easy transformations

With a few renovations using well-known and readily available ideas and accessories, you can go a long way to pulling off the vintage interior design that will transform your apartment into a work of art to make all your friends jealous. There are many ways you can introduce some vintage interior design, but here are some tried and trusted techniques that are sure to make your home stand out.

Antique paintings

1. Hang real paintings

Machine-made art pieces don't look as great as those made by a human hand. Paintings date back millennia, and there are few things as breathtaking as seeing the texture of brush strokes painted on canvas by a human hand. Even if you find the best abstracts made by staunch modernists, it cannot match the old-world feeling brought by a piece with human-made texture quality. Hanging real paintings in your apartment is one of the easiest ways of achieving a picturesque vintage feel.

A collection of vintage furniture

2. Blend antique pieces from different eras

The most obvious choice for bringing some historical character to your apartment is to add some antique pieces. However, your goal is to stand out, right? Therefore, don’t just buy an assortment of mid-century pieces and think that you have mastered vintage home interior design. If you want to make your apartment old, warm, and comfy, try to use a mixture of pieces from multiple eras. Buy those paintings from the 18th century, install floorings used in the 19th century, and place that wall clock from the early 20th century. Doing this will convert your space into a beautiful, old-fashioned abode without making it feel like a random vintage store.

3. Don’t forget to add a picture railing

A picture railing was a must-have addition for traditional homes. It helped homeowners hang pictures and art without damaging the walls. Adding a picture rail in your ultra-modern apartment is one of the best ways to achieve a vintage interior design in your apartment. Make sure you put up a railing that is big enough to accommodate all the pictures you want to display. However, as you proudly display your pictures and art on this railing, make sure not to overcrowd it. Making a space look overcrowded and busy will compromise your dream of having a fantastic vintage home interior.

Antique wall clock

4. Accentuate a vintage feel with antique wall clocks

Vintage interior design is not complete without wall clocks that are beautifully dated to give a space that classic feel. You can use multiple clocks as an eye-catcher, but if this doesn't appeal to you, consider placing a longcase clock at a strategic point within the room.

An old suitcases being used as a coffee table

5. Stack old suitcases

One of the most creative ways to create a vintage home interior is to make a coffee table or a nightstand out of aged suitcases. This will not only help in creating an extraordinary classic addition within your space, but it will also give you some extra room to store your belongings. To ensure the nightstand or coffee table, you have made from old suitcases blends perfectly with the surrounding décor, try to strategically place large candles, colourful books, or a small lamp.

Mason jars being used as a light feature

6. Incorporate mason jars in your décor

Mason jars are classic items that can help you develop a more quaint vintage design aesthetic. You can use mason jars to store stamps and buttons, or better still, you can use them to hold different types of flowers. What makes them even more useful is that you can use them to serve wine or cocktails, and convert a typical party into an amusing old-fashioned gathering.

Wooden crates being used as shelves

7. Use wooden crates

Wooden crates are classic design pieces that can be used in different ways to help you achieve that vintage look. They can be mounted on walls to hold fruits, picture frames, or towels, or they can be used as tables. Additionally, you can add a cushioned to create a rustic-looking seating area or a comfortable place to rest your feet. You can even attach a number of them together to create a large coffee table that will be the centre of attention in your living room.

Mantel bed headboard

8. Add a mantle headboard in your bedroom

If you want to add some extra uniqueness and personality to your bedroom décor, transform an antique fireplace mantle into a bedroom headboard. On top of the mantle, add different collectables such as candlesticks, picture frames, and fresh flowers. There is no better way to achieve an exclusive vintage look that will add value to your bedroom than this!

Your dream of vintage interior design might seem far away. However, just by including a few rustic and antique pieces, you can add charm to an apartment and develop a personal setting that looks timeless and elegant. Don’t be afraid to experiment, take your time browsing through the flea markets and you will doubtless get the vintage home interior you have always desired in no time. For more interior design tips and inspiration, check out our guide to the latest interior design trends.

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