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Cost of Living in Leipzig: 2021 Edition

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  • Leipzig is the fifth most affordable city in Germany
  • The average purchase price for an apartment is €3,741.12 / m²
  • Leipzig offers a wide range of gastronomy and nightlife at a lower cost
  • Compared to the cost of living in Berlin, Leipzig is more affordable

Average apartment costs in Leipzig, Germany

Living in Leipzig is cheaper than in many other cities in Germany, such as Munich and Berlin. The average rental price for a 30m² apartment is currently 8.56 EUR / m². For a 60m² apartment, you currently pay an average of 7.49 EUR / m² rent. The average rental price for a 100m² property in Leipzig is presently 9.12 EUR / m². The rents for apartments in Leipzig and rooms in shared flats in Leipzig are below the average rental prices in Germany. The cheapest way to get a rental apartment is in the Althen-Kleinpösna district where average costs are EUR 5.35 / m². At the moment you have to pay the most in the centre, here it is 10.93 EUR / m². If you plan to buy instead of rent, the average purchase price for a condominium in Leipzig is €3,741.12 / m². Since the purchase price for an apartment is still currently affordable, with demand increasing every year, buying an apartment in Leipzig is an excellent investment opportunity. This is especially true when low interest rates are taken into account: The mortgage interest rate in Leipzig is currently fixed at the level of 1.79% per annum.

Apartment prices in Leipzig are significantly lower than in other large German metropolises, like Berlin or Münich.

The cost of groceries

Food is generally less expensive than in many other areas of Germany. A loaf of bread costs €0.62, and one litre of milk is €0.69. A student can spend up to 200 euros per month on groceries; couples and families will obviously have significant costs depending on the size of their family and how much they spend at the supermarket. We recommend getting up early in the morning to shop at the old city market in Leipzig's central square to save money. There, you will find traditional rows of market stalls, along with wagonettes selling great value meat, smoked fish, sausages, cheese and many other delicacies.

Eating out in Leipzig

The Saxon city has some excellent restaurants serving traditional German dishes often accompanied by live music in the evenings. The prices in the restaurants depend on their location, whether they are located in a hotel building, in a building of architectural interest, or far from the city's urban area, where prices will generally be lower. The menus are not limited to German cuisine but offer a range of world cuisines including Chinese, Mexican and Italian food. There are also plenty of nightclubs in the city - Leipzig life is never dull!

Leipzig offers a huge variety of gastronomy and night life at a more affordable cost.

Cost of healthcare insurance

Whether you live in Leipzig or Berlin, you will need to pay 14.6% of your annual salary (gross) towards health insurance. This is mandatory for every citizen and resident in Germany, including Leipzig, so you need to factor it in when working out your cost of living expenditure! The amount you need to pay each month depends on various factors, such as whether you are privately or publicly insured, employed or self-employed. The good news is that your employer has to share 50% of the cost.

Public transport

Leipzig is a major city in terms of trading, education, travelling, and partying. This means that it is essential to have a well-developed transport infrastructure to support those living in Leipzig. The city is very welcoming to cyclists - there are many cycling lanes and it is possible to hire bicycles at a low cost. Commuting to work or to the attractions away from the city centre is made easy by the network of trams, buses, and the city train.


Household bills are very affordable if you earn an average salary in Leipzig. Broadband costs about 18 euros and utilities for two people living in a one-bedroom apartment costs approximately 133 euros per month.

Everyday costs such as utility bills and public transport are comparable to most other cities in Germany.


Leipzig has lots of popular trading malls and shopping centres selling well-known brands. The central railway station looks like a giant shopping centre too, especially in the winter months when it hosts a traditional Christmas market.

Salaries in Leipzig

The average salary in Leipzig is slightly lower than in the other big cities in Germany like Hannover, Hamburg or Berlin. The average gross salary is around 54,000 euros per employee per year, but this sum is before taxes are taken into account. Software engineers and developers command the highest salaries in Leipzig. A national minimum wage similar to all the cities in Germany is 1614 euros per month.

An affordable place to call home

These prices and costs are an approximation and are not bullet-proof, but are intended to provide a reliable comparison. When compared to other large cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Münich, or Hannover, Leipzig is significantly cheaper. The cultural, social, and educational amenities mean that the cost of living in Leipzig for international students is particularly appealing. Finally, the oceanic climate makes it a popular travel destination at any time of the year, as the winters are mild and the summers are not overwhelmingly hot. If Leipzig is calling your name, don't hesitate to reach out to us so we can support you in your apartment search!

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